Sunday, October 3, 2010

so i'm a ridiculous person

want to hear a funny story? sure you do! so I go to the grocery store this morning to pick up a couple things and I spy this adorable looking bottle of water. I had actually bought a bottle of this brand of water a couple months ago because I liked the packaging (this is how I do most of my shopping). so I put it in my cart. as I am checking out, it is the last thing the cashier rings up. it does not ring up. it takes me and another cashier to find another bottle of water to rescan. by the time I get back in line, there are several people waiting behind me. I can only imagine what they were thinking when they saw me come back with the tiny water bottle that is clearly designed for children. damn, I hope this water tastes good.

(yes you read that right, its grape water)

(and just in case you needed a close up)


  1. aw, i like this little grape man. he makes me happy.

  2. I'd piss myself if this creature actually came ambling out of the woods. It doesn't have any claws or teeth, so it would just pummel then gum me to death.

  3. giovanna- cute, right? also, the water was AWFUL

    rjt- i imagine they are worse ways to die than being gummed to death

  4. I totally buy things for the packaging. Sorry to hear it was awful - bloody bear thing.