Thursday, October 7, 2010

friday five!

so I don't know about you but I had a loooong week. you know what would make it better? a friday five that makes me giggle the entire time I write it. so without further ado...

5 hilariously ridiculous animals*! (no particular order; also cats are a given since I have 3 so they are not on the list)

1- capybaras!
(I love how studious this guy looks. image from best week ever. for more capybara love, go here)

2- miniature horses

(image from here. I picked it because the horse's name is peggy sue and there are so many weird things happening in this picture, I mean is that an elf?? also, don't know if I ever told you but I used to ride horses (regular sized ones). it was the only sport I was ever good at, since the pony did all the work. also, one of the first times I ever played truth or dare was with other girls at the barn. long story short, I ended up having to lick a salt lick. also, one time I sprained my wrist falling off a horse. good times)

3- pudus
(image from here, which I love because it is a post about a heavy metal song written about pudus. also, have you all seen planet earth? if not, go watch it. now. thats where I first saw these guys)

4- corgis

(image from here. Ryan's mom's neighbor has one and I get so excited when I see it and it runs over to see me. It is like a furry little sausage in the grass)

5- lisa frank's animals (realize this is cheating to put more than one animals here, but its my list and I do not care)
(image from here...anyone else notice how lisa frank bears do all the work? well the painting anyways. everyone else is just being neon and chillin on rainbows and the poor bears are on the clock. well, I do like bears in overalls so atleast there's that)

bonus! top 5 animals that freak me out but I am strangely fascinated by**:
1- armadillos (they had one for sale at a pet shop I went to when I was younger. I was terrified of it)
2- anteaters (seriously, just look at them)
3- bats (there have been 2 separate occasions where bats were hanging out in my bedroom. both times they were caught using my fisher price net. once was when I was probably 7, then next time I was 20)
4- mongoose/cobras (these are combined because rikki tikki tavi freaked me the eff out)
5- eels (they look like such creeps)

*can we discuss how I apparently love animals I resemble? all of them are short and squat too! I especially look like the capybara since we both wear glasses

**Ryan always teases me because I always think animals are going to attack us. once we saw a deer and I think I said 'wow! it didn't even come at us or anything!' and he said 'why do you think everything is trying to gore us?'


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  2. Good use of the word gore, Ryan. :)

    I was Lisa Frank OBSESSED when I was in grade school/ jr. high (and let's face it, I probably had a folder in high school, too) and I thought it was the coolest thing ever that she had the same name as me. Ah, memories. :)

  3. Non-wife Lisa:
    The deer was actually lecturing us about rising sea levels, i.e. "gore"ing us.

    Wife Lisa:
    Make room in the backyard. I'm getting you one of each.

  4. ah! I love when corgis (or any other short, squat dogs) run! It makes me squeal like I child because they are SO RIDICULOUS! Brett hates them and thinks they are stupid. I love them because I think they are stupid.

  5. that pudus? ?? is that even real? doesn't it look like a stop motion animation animal?? adorable. yes, this week has sucked for me and this post made me laugh.

  6. awwwww! i want a pudus!

    and i agree with lisa and ryan's use of the word gore. turning nouns into verbs is hilarious.

  7. HILARIOUS. Love the capybaras!

    However...this delightful post has made me revisit a horrible time in my life...a few weeks ago...when an armadillo tried to "leper" me. (in keeping with Ryan's theme).

    It was on my mom's front porch...ran across with its stubby little arms and armor-clad body...squaddled all the way across the porch (trying to get away/murder my whole family...depending on your perspective)....

    I was terrified...and Isaiah, once I mentioned that they can carry leprosy...slightly pushed me forward away from him....toward the armadillo. Oh. No. He. Di'nt. Yeah, he did.

  8. So I totally had an image of you trying to ride that tiny horse dressed as an elf.


  9. Lisa- she is the best! I told Ryan the other day that I wished his last name was Frank.

    Ry- I'm beyond excited for our backyard zoo.

    Jen- they are amazing!

    Giovanna- they actually live in a forest where everything is small. the world's smallest jungle cat lives there too.

    angie- i will be sure to have more posts that mentions pudus and goring

    lizzie- they are so scary! when they run you can't see their feet and they look like they're weirdly floating! now that I know that they carry leprosy, I'm more freaked than ever!

    sarah- ha ha yes. that sounds about right.