Wednesday, October 20, 2010

figs & sisters

(image from here)

a couple things:

1. yesterday I was already saying what a long week it had been...on tuesday
2. seeing my sister and eating fancy pasta and frozen yogurt made it better!
(we went to this pick your own pasta/sauce/toppings place. I got gnocchi with pink vodka sauce and mushrooms, peas and tomatoes. she got creamy pesto fettuccine. then we went to berry line, which is actually the same as pinkberry, and I got frozen yogurt with blackberries and fresh figs! I never knew how good fresh figs were since they are so damn expensive at the store! now I want them all the time! one of the things on my list of best things ever would be laughing with my sister.)

what cheers you up on a looong week?

**also: Angie I got the new Belle & Sebastian, I'll let you know how that goes


  1. Sounds like such a refreshing day! I think a good walk into town and a day spent window/actual-sometimes shopping gets me in a better mood. Something about the exercise mixed with the super quaint downtown of the city here...and Isaiah. Yeah,that'll do it. (Also, we pass a frozen yogurt place on the way - so don't let my line of exercise fool you..I think it's frozen yogurt all the way).

  2. Yesterday it was raining like crazy here, so I worked from home in my jammies and slipper socks and ate soup for lunch.

    I love those days.

  3. What is this choose your own toppings pasta place?!!! Sound delish! And please share your thoughts on the new Belle and Sebastian! Let's continue to do music trades, yes?

    I have one for you. Well, two. I haven't heard the full albums, but I am OBSESSED with these songs: Sweet Disposition, The Temper Trap and Always, Junip. Josh and I are suckers for the Swedes so if you're down with that you will love the power trio of Junip.

  4. lizzie- it was so nice! I had frozen yogurt again tonight!

    sarah- that sounds like a perfect day too! soup & slipper socks = love

  5. yummm that photo has me wanting figs now!!

  6. i crave FY all the time which is weird because i have it maybe once a year! there's a place opening a mile from us, so that might change...

  7. also, i JUST noticed that my comment notification on my blog was off, so i JUST noticed all the nice comments you've left. i feel like a jerk for not responding to a single one!

  8. megan marie- i know! why are they so good?!?!

    julie- you will have to go to the new place! also, don't worry! i think your blog is neat, I like reading it!