Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dream diary.

(image from here)

this post is thanks to Angie. I am hoping this can become part of a series (if you're interested). You already heard about my gator dream but here's what has happened since:

dream 1: I was going on a road trip/ escaping from something. again, I think dinosaurs were involved, atleast I know a sabre tooth tiger was. but this sabre tooth tiger was my friend and slept in my van with me. for some reason, the car was completely open, no doors, windows. also for some reason, I slept in my car.

dream 2: this involved two people I have not talked to in quite sometime (nothing bad; just fell out of touch with, facebook stalking does not count). in the first part, there was a giant flying polar bear (hey its a dream give me a break! is it embarassing to mention that when the bear flew there were tiny blue stars all around him?). I tricked him into leaving my home along with an ex boyfriend. then i felt bad and let the ex-boyfriend back in (it was snowing out). is it weird I want to email him to say hi after dreaming this? he was a really nice guy (he is actually how I first met Ryan). I would think its awesome if someone had a magical polar bear dream and I was in it! keep that in mind if you dream about me!

dream 3: lounging about on my bed with an old friend I used to work with. I had invited some friends over and they were all in the kitchen eating all my food but I didn't go see them.

dream 4: I have a baby but the baby is already 2 years old. he is totally adorable and has long blond bangs (like a bowl cut). I am so sad that he is 2 and not a baby.

dream 5: I have ALOT of dreams where I am late for work...and don't care. in these particular dreams, I got to work earlier than normal but everyone else had gotten to work even earlier. usually, everyone is mad at me and I'm nervous I'll be fired. also, I'm usually underdressed, horribly dressed or half dressed.

lord, I'm a mess.


  1. amazing you remember all of these so vividly. haha! makes me all excited to find out what tonight will bring...

    wooly mammoths? triceratopseses? unicorns? :)

    you should turn these into a children's book and illustrate it!

  2. yay for wacky dreams. every morning, isaiah and i tell each other about our dreams from the night before...and his are always kind of: We were at somewhere actually familiar to us...and then there were people there from high school...

    Meanwhile, my most vivid, recurring dream is a gigantic rat rolling a huge ball of cheese toward me...and I'm just running..and running...or I have a dream about riding the Neverending Story "dog" to the theme song of Big Lebowski, with some sort of high-school craziness going on on earth.

    Wacky dream diary #1 - continue.

  3. angie- hooray! i love that idea!

    lizzie- that rat dream sounds scary but the neverending story one sounds AWESOME

  4. haha i read about your dreams and i wish mine are anywhere near as interesting!!! can't believe you tricked a flying polar bear!

  5. Oh man, your post had me cracking up. I'm so glad I found your blog. Very entertaining stuff.

    Lately I don't remember much of my dreams since my two year old doesn't actually let me sleep. But I once had a dream that I was shopping wearing a burrito hat, and I was worried about getting black beans all over the clothes I was trying on. LOL!

  6. vivienne- ha ha he was very tricky so it took some skills! :)

    delilah- i wish i had a burrito hat! ha ha love it!