Monday, October 4, 2010

sleep! thats where i'm a viking!

so I have weird dreams. I know I'm not the only one... but that doesn't make my dreams any less weird. Last night, I dreamed that I went to this spooky lake with friends ('dream' friends, I don't actually know them) and there were tons of alligators in the lake so I did not want to swim there. Then I was at some kind of strange underground amusement park. There were also alligators here. They were blocking all the exits. We were trying to escape (not sure why??). I was with some friend and I think we eventually escaped by wrestling alligators. I have a lot of dreams where something is after me (people, dinosaurs, what have you) and I am hiding from them. It almost always involves me hiding in some room that has a lock. When I was younger, the dreams always involved me hiding in our house's bathroom since I knew that had a lock. It also had our washing and dryer which were behind these wooden panels doors which locked. So in my dreams, I would sit on the dryer. Anyways, once we escaped the amusement park, I went to IKEA with Justin Timberlake.

(you know an animal is badass when even a t.rex is like 'oh shit!' when it sees one. from here)

This dream can be (partially) explained because:
A- saw The Social Network on Friday*. That would explain JT.
B- watched a show last night called '5 Animal Attacks' (sorry! seriously nothing was on!), which you think would explain the alligators? even though the show only had orcas, sharks and deer?

so what do you dream about?

*it was good. I would recommend it to anyone who is as big of a fan of Aaron Sorkin as my husband is.


  1. I kind of prefer to think that this is the beginning of the T-Rex's surprise party. And since there were no chairs or couches to hide behind in the jurassic era, everybody just had to stay underwater until the birthday guest arrived.

  2. hahaha im glad your dream ended on a nice (and safe) note with JT and ikea :P

    i often dream about running away as opposed to your hiding..and i wake up feeling tired and as if ive done a lot of exercises in my dream. lol.

  3. rjt- you're adorable. we should get married or something

    vivienne- yes! i wish i could dream work out!