Wednesday, October 6, 2010

car thoughts.

(image from here)

like many people, I commute. I drive about 40 minutes in and back each day. that's 40 minutes of me day dreaming to avoid focusing on the increasingly annoying traffic situation (and/or people's awful driving skills. for example, why do people drive like dummies in the rain? what?! you've seen it before! its not scary at all!). here are some things I think about to pass the time:

thought trail 1:
should I get breakfast? you know I really should pack a breakfast or wake up earlier to cook one. I really want something fall-ish like a pumpkin scone. hmm, how many calories are in that? probably a million. what about a bagel? then I just won't eat carbs for the rest of the day, right? no, probably not a likely scenario. ooh didn't our awesome work study bring in apple crisp?! no, thats worst than the scone (I think). I really should have packed something.

thought trail 2:
look at that guy beside me. he looks mad. where is he going? I wonder where he works. oops he saw me looking at him. usually I'm too busy singing loudly to look at people. blah, I've overplayed this cd. wonder whats on the radio? wish they would play something fun. hmmm...ooh! this station said nelly! I could use some 'hot in here' to make this commute faster. damn, they meant nelly furtado. maybe I should put the cd back in. hey wheres that guy I was looking at? great, now nelly furtado is stuck in my head.

thought trail 3:
ugh. why did I even bother ironing this shirt? wait, did I? yes, I did. I wonder if anyone notices that I wear the same pants all the time. I don't remember what anyone else wears but they might remember my pants (for some reason). UGH! what is that weird stain on my shirt?! shit. I'm such a mess. wait, did I leave the iron plugged in? no. did I leave the stove on? no. as mentioned above, I did not cook anything, so most likely no.

thought trail 4:
if I could eat anything today and it would not be bad for me (note: this is magical thinking), I would have: bagel and cream cheese (either veggie and egg bagel or french toast bagel with honey walnut cream cheese); a really good cheeseburger and fries; pizza or fried calamari; random awesome deserts/treats (also note: in magical thinking, this would not make me ill)

thought trail 5:
not really a thought trail, just that song stuck in my head. just the chorus. on repeat

thought trail 6:
if I could go anywhere instead of work, I'd go pumpkin picking, then have a pumpkin carving party (with my cats) and roast the seeds for snacking. also, drink cocoa and stay in bed with my husband.

((note: I got a bagel.))

what do you day dream about?


  1. haha you crack me up. im paranoid about leaving stove/oven etc on too...or whether i've locked the front door. so i try to replay in my head every steps taken when leaving the house...then id be convinced that i didnt lock the door. then eventually i would go on to plan what to eat for lunch/dinner!

  2. Now I am TOTALLY distracted by thoughts of bagel. They make french toast bagels? Oh I am SO there.