Friday, October 22, 2010

friday five!

well its been a long week, kids. what are your weekend plans? I might not have any, which is really awesome. scratch that, I have to make my mom's birthday present (will post later). tgif, here's your five:

five things I miss from my childhood*:

(slimer needs no introduction, image found here)

1- ecto cooler!**
2- 'my' tv lineup (ducktales, tailspin, gummi bears; also I miss my strawberry toy box that I would sit in to watch said shows)
3- my sweet NKOTB accessories (I swear I had a bracelet that weighed 10 lbs; it was faux gold with hearts and their signatures)
4- my teenage mutant ninja turtle action figures (especially the van)
5- popples

* certain things are a given like: being a kid, the house I grew up in, childhood pets
** see also: my metabolism, lack of food guilt

bonus! a link to start your weekend off hilariously


  1. Did I mention that Talespin is in our Netflix queue? Awesome husband award, here I come!

  2. OMG!!!!!! POPPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how i miss them.

    and the ninja turtle van. sigh.

  3. Hahaha oh my I love this list. I too miss my NKOTB slippers, purple popple, TMNT collection, and the best cartoons ever. I would also add Oregon Trail, Magic School Bus and Ghostwriter, those kinda freaky troll dolls with bejeweled bellybuttons, and walkmans. And those Squeezit drinks.

  4. Fantastic list...the van was the best!!
    Definitely best husband! Talespin is awesome...and Netflix is too for bringing way too much awesomeness to our fingertips.

  5. rjt- i love you (oh e ah talespin, oh e oh...)

    angie- i know right? best toy eva

    catiejlo: such a good list! i can't believe i left off trolls!

    lizzie- ha ha yes he is the best. i can't wait to watch it (even though it is probably awful)