Friday, October 15, 2010

friday five!

(eek! image from here)

alright, it's here my friends. our beloved weekend. we're so close! I am lucky because I have a 3 day weekend this weekend since I have a wedding to attend today. sorry I am out of good ideas today, so this list may be a little weak:

5 things that I find perplexing/confusing/creepy:

1- mayo (not that I don't eat it; I just don't like to think about it too much)
2- the Dyson guy (I cannot believe how upset he gets over other vaccuum cleaners and now, fans. take a nap, dude. it'll all be okay)
3- the Dark Crystal
4- canned meats
5- Tom Cruise (what is his deal? he makes me nervous)

what are your 5?


  1. I will probably be e-mailing you a lot! Also, the Dark Crystal kinda creeps me out.

  2. 1. Ron Popeil and the ginsu knives. Why can't I turn off their infomercials?
    2. Scientology in general.
    3. Olives. So many people love them, yet they are so gross. I do not understand.
    4. Mel Gibson. Creepy.
    5. Paula Deen. Why is she trying to kill us with her weird fried food combinations?

  3. ugh, yes, four and five. i've never thought of it before, but canned meats and tom cruise are similar. they're fake and they gross me out.

  4. yay for a wedding day! canned meats...ew. i love dark crystal! but it took being..uhm......herbally altered one day a few years ago to get into it.

    DUDE. scientoloty..anytime someone says they're a scientologist to me (there's a dianetics place in this city. it's our giant, disfiguring mole)..i can't look at them the's always that twilight zone music in the background...mixed with spattered blood lens covers that only affect my image of them. weird.

    if you want it
    1. kids dressed like adults (hello America's Got Talent...Anna and Patrik were CREEEPY)
    2. prisons - strange idea that we've created some hierarchy of people that we've put some of them in suits and others to eternity being assaulted legally...weird.
    3. bill o'reilly (& FOX news)
    4. pickle-in-a-bag and people who insist on eating phallic shaped foods in public.
    5. june-bugs. not only do i know they're grubs inside...but they can't see or something? they're always flying into you and the wall and the window...then you have to watch them painfully get up off of their backs before you have to decide: Kill/Assist to live another day.

    As usual. sorry for the novella.

  5. like you, i'm tired. this may be a little weak. but all i have to say is that Lizzie's #1 - kids dressed as adults and your #5 - Tom Cruise remind of pics I've seen of little Suri in kitten heels.


  6. hahah tom cruise definitely stresses me out
    and mayo is only good mixed with other things to make them better
    i love this. i'm so glad you are still blogging!

  7. mayo is definitely one of those things i can't think about for too long.

  8. lisa- do it!

    sarah- definitely agree with 2 and 4

    giovanna- ha ha so true!

    lizzie- ha ha i loved your novella! bill-o is the worst. he makes me dry heave

    l&l- he is such a creep! thanks for still reading :)

    elizabeth- it is so creepy! i'm freaked out now thinking out it!