Sunday, October 24, 2010

my weekend.

how was your weekend? mine was nice. too short (as always) but nice. I neglected to get anything done on my halloween costume for work on friday. I did get a birthday gift for a certain someone who gave birth to me though. I also went to the new target near my house and got a free gift bag. it was the best because I was out shopping and was hungry and the woman said 'here have a gift bag. we have a new fresh food section'. the best part was the gift bag was filled with food that is the furthest from fresh you can get: combos (not even cheese, pepperoni combos; we read the ingredients list and there is no actual meat in it; fun fact!) and poppycock (its this caramel corn & nut mix). it also included a map for me to get to the fresh food section. I thought that was pretty hysterical. anyways, I can probably divide the rest into 3 sections:

1. food
- we went intent on finding a new fun place to eat on friday. first we encountered a strange plac that when we went in, it was closed off by a curtain so we were unsure how to enter. we ended up at a place whose menu was 80% senior items. also my wrap had a ton of prosciutto which is usually awesome but I was more conscious of the fattiness of it since there was so much.
- made this (side note: I used low fat butter and low fat half and half and it was still excellent). ate it with homemade biscuits. ate it again over egg noodles. I still have about 2-3 portions left in the fridge. I need to downscale my portions or increase my desire for leftovers.
2. family
- spending time with my sister and husband. what could be better??
- do you guys have times of year when it seems like its everyones' birthday? its that time for me (this time of year and late spring/summer)
3. "wife chop"
(sorry I can't take a good picture to save my life)

listening: Belle and Sebastian's Write About Love
watching: SNL, Planet Earth, Cold Case Files
brainstorming: christmas gifts, illustrated dream diaries, playlist for friday
reading: Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
wearing: big sweaters & my trusted slouchy boots

so how was your weekend?


  1. dude, i LOVE leftovers. i can eat the same thing for several lunches in a row!

    how is the new B&S? and "Her Fearful Symmetry"?

  2. julie- good & good! I really like the first 2 tracks

  3. How much do I love that the pepperoni combo has not actual meat in it and that you need a map to find things inside your local Target.

    Fun fact: My three-year-old can recognize Target stores as we drive by. "Target!" So the bulls-eye logo works.

  4. sarah- how gross is that?!?! aw, me and your three year old have so much in common. I shout at it when we drive by too :)