Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bacon vs. good decisions

(the epic bacon explosion, from here)

so I read an article the other day in glamour about someone subsiding on a diet of anything they heard advertised (sorry I can't find a link to it; it was worth reading though). Not surprisingly, it was almost all junk. So when I listened to the radio on my way to work, I made note of all the food related ads in a 40 minute car ride:

1- subway- new angus beef subs
2- panera bread- bacon breakfast sandwich
3- peanut butter cups at 7-11 (I know! what a random ad)
4- wendy's- bacon deluxe sandwich
5-wendy's apple pecan salad (the girl in the article ate this and said it has more sugar in it than a doughnut)
6- dunkin donuts
7- tim hortons

I also heard:
2 ads for different diet pills (ironic, huh?)

I also heard 1 ad that was actually good, it was a Harvard Pilgrim one about making positive and smart lifestyle changes. We need more ads like that! I want to hijack the airwaves and say things like ' aren't apples great! we should eat more huh?' or 'we are all awesome! let's make some healthy decisions today!' or 'you haven't seen so and so for a while! you should call her, go for a walk, and catch up on gossip!' . I think if I start saying things like that to myself, I can maybe start making some better changes in my eating habits too!

who's with me?


  1. After looking at the bacon explosion I believe my cholesterol has gone up 50 points.

  2. yea! i definitely think you should! (after you write and illustrate childrens books of course! haha!)

    there's that new campaign for baby carrots and vending machines with fruits and vegetables. such a great idea!

  3. dude...america's obsession with food is evident everywhere. just in case you have a couple of hours of free time and $.01 to spend on a new book...I'm reading a book called Skinny Bitch that's totally changing the way I look at food, cigarettes, alcohol...meat...I know, I'll miss you, meat. Check it out if you have any extra time, it's pretty pimp. you should definitely hijack the airwaves for some healthy image ads haha...good work.

  4. totally agree :D would be awesome if ppl actually start crunching on apples and go for walks instead of going into wendy's for their cholesterol injection haha. but i do think ppl are becoming more aware nowadays...

  5. lisa- it is really intense. that is a normal reaction

    angie- i have been meaning to start an illustrated diary for a long time now. perhaps i will add it to my to-do list!

    lizzie- i'll dedicate a song to you on the airwaves :)

    vivienne- they definitely are! I just feel they need to stop advertising junk so much! we all now about whoppers, right? haha