Thursday, October 21, 2010

plant love.

in lieu of attempting to post anything of note* today, I thought I would post pictures of the houseplants I'm trying to keep alive (sorry in advance for the creepy dark pictures!)

(terrarium 1. I love this one, its hearty. its a varigated jade)

(terrarium 2. its a stripey aloe)

( italian basil)

(purple ruffle basil, thai basil)
(half of my dining room table terrariums)

(the other half; also those little mushrooms I bought off etsy)
(mint, lemon balm, mini succulent hair for the potato man planter; since I took this picture the mint has taken a turn for the worst)
(kitchen herbs: lavender, tarragon, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme)

not picture: my lemon tree in the hallway.

*I really wanted to hobble together a post about 2 different conversations I had last night with my husband: (1) would I rather have a guy roommate my age or an older one? (I chose option 1) and (2) what is the deal with the creepy double bathtubs in the cialis ads? (we did some googling, apparently it has to do with relaxing and having the 'luxury of time' on your side)


  1. Your plants look wonderful! I miss you!

  2. My favorite out-of-context quote from the discussion:

    Lisa: Why does Ed Rendell want to live with me?!!

  3. I'm impressed with your green thumb. I am also glad that I no longer have cable and have not seen the creepy cialis ads (although also grateful that I have Internet access so that I can watch the very silly Old Spice ads).

  4. Damn girl!! I have a black thumb...kill just about any plantlike thing just by looking at it, I think. I love your plants! They add so much character and from the looks of it...looks like you have a garden inside!

  5. dang. i wish i had the luxury of time to sit in a double bath or just plan write posts or shop or lay around or make more terrariums... segue!!!!

    TERRARIUMS!! we have a handful in our kitchen and i adore them. love the little mushrooms. i couldn't find anything "foresty" so i settled for dollar store dinosaurs. it works. haha! and how do you keep your plants safe from kitties? we had a succulent once (our current terrariums are out of reach or enclosed) and little charlie thought he could eat away at. :(

  6. liz- i miss you too!

    rjt- well...why does he????

    sarah- i love the old spice ads too. be glad you haven't seen the cialIS ones!

    lizzie- thank you! heres to hoping I don't kill them!

    angie- i wish i had some secret to keep the cats away but they are just totally uninterested. i will ask other friends with cats & plants for you!

  7. Are you kidding me?! I am loving all the plants. LOVE IT

  8. It is vital that I know where you got that adorable yellow owl! And please god, let one be readily available to me. My house NEEEEEEEDS one.