Monday, October 25, 2010

help a lady out.

this blog is trying to find its way. perhaps you can help me out? here are some things I like: I like things that make me laugh and smile. I like amazing art. I like things that make me want to make change in the world (inspiring stories,etc). I like things that make me drool (food and shopping alike). would you read it if I wrote about them? what do you want to read about? truth or dares? wacky adventures? music? stuff I want? embarassing childhood tales? stuff I want to make/have made? recipes? what do you want to read about? or do you want to see my drawings? I'm sorry I'm never probably going to be one of those blogs that writes about anything too deep. I'm more likely to devote a post to animals wearing people clothes.

(you can buy your cat a party hat here; found via here)

thanks for the help in advance, folks.


  1. all of it! anything you feel like posting, I feel like reading! :) I especially like a mix such as you laid out above.

  2. oooh! more cats in hats! i'd like to see anything really. maybe some drawings? :)

  3. Lisa...I can only speak for myself...but I will read anything you want to talk about missy. Can't say I don't love cats in hats, haha.

  4. all of the above. but i'm always a sucker for good recipes, embarrassing childhood tales and animals in people clothes. :)

  5. jen- i miss you! thanks for the sweet comment

    angie- i am writing this from the future so I have already posted drawings. your wish is my command!

    lizzie- i'm glad everyone likes the cat so much!

    giovanna-sounds good. maybe i can do a trifecta of all three!