Thursday, November 4, 2010

upside frown.

so in lieu of writing a complain-y post about how I feel really crummy (oy my stomach!) and how annoying people are around voting time (if I have to read one more facebook status from someone I don't even talk to anymore about how I'm a 'loser' and other not so nice or pc words that I voted for the person who won and their candidate lost, I might scream or punch or both) and how many people I've dealt with lately that have had bad attitudes, I have chosen the higher road. which probably doesn't count since I just bitched within those above parentheses. nonetheless! I decided just to hobble together a post full of links of inspiration/ happiness! woo!

(from this site, which always makes me smile!)

*amazing junk portraits
* lace trees
* it made my day

and... its almost Friday!
(also, just want to say a huge THANK YOU to 2 great ladies who gave me shout outs today! you are the sweetest! for serious!)


  1. the parking meter... it'sa starin' at me....

    sorry to hear about the crumminess.

    the higher road is the best road. think of it as the nice, peaceful scenic drive. the rest of em are taking the ugly, dark shortcut that just gives you a flat tire.

  2. angie- theres this great line from parks & rec that aniz ansari said 'i always tell people to take the high road, than theres more room for me on the low road'