Friday, November 19, 2010

black is the new black mix

so I was going to write some kind of awesome post since I have been taking a little break from the internet (my comeback post if you will). but alas, just like so many much anticipated come back tours, this is going to be pretty lame. basically, at a loss for what to write about, I googled myself (for any fellow 30 Rock watchers, not that kind of googling) and found nothing too hilarious. so here ya go, kids. my mix for the week*:

Black Mirror- The Arcade Fire
Black Star- Radiohead
Blackout- British Sea Power
The Black Angels Death Song (cover)- Beck
Black Cloud- Morrissey
Black Sheep- Metric
Black Thumbnail- Kings of Leon
Man in Black- Johnny Cash

Music Playlist at

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Be a Mixtape Master. Email Angie or Ashley to get in on it.

* sorry for the late entry. anyone else have issues with scheduled posts? this is the second week I scheduled something and it did not work.


  1. I don't even try scheduled posts. They're always bizarre. But APW seemed to be having issues with wordpress scheduling.

    I love your themes, they totally make my day! :)

  2. EXCELLENT mix. I ALWAYS love Radiohead. Always. I also LOVE that button, lady! It looks excellent on your blog! You're too sweet!

  3. Such a moody mix today. Love it. I've noticed that even though I have my time zone correctly set on my blog, I have to schedule my posts to run 1 hour earlier than I want them to post. I think it has to do with Daylight Savings Time because I haven't had that problem since DST kicked in a few weeks ago.

  4. Hey, I think you forgot to tag this "Mixtape Masters..." I came here from the mixtape URL and at first I thought you hadn't posted this week. Glad I clicked to the main page and found it!

    Anyway, I am always fascinated by your mixtape selections. Tell me, are all these songs gleaned from your collection? You have such an awesomely diverse musical taste... I was especially feeling the British Sea Power today. Thanks!

  5. i agree with sarah, so moody and i love it.

  6. jolynn- thanks! good to hear I'm not the only one with scheduling probs too!

    lizzie- thanks! and thank you for making it

    sarah- thanks for the tip! I didn't mean to eb moody but it totally is ha ha

    lyn- thanks! I fixed it. also, yes. they are all from various bands I've liked at one time or another. I should really give props to my ex boyfriend from college who was obsessed with music and to a friend I had in high school who always kept me in the loop about cool new music

    angie- hooray! I'm glad :)