Tuesday, November 2, 2010

simple little things.

(you can buy this print here)

* there is something so amazing about the simple pleasure of having tea (with sugar and milk) and some buttered toast. I have had it 3 days in a row and it makes me so happy.
* I loved handing out candy with my husband at halloween (I mean how great is that?? I love us. is it silly that that makes me feel more like a married couple than bigger things like using my new name?)
* watched 'The Walking Dead' the other night. am I a total weenie that I was totally freaked out? that poor horse! then I preceded to go to bed and start to reread the books again.
* I love voting. god, I am such a nerd. but seriously, how great is being able to do that? also, the lines were very short and I went to the right place (our town has a couple different voting places) so that made it even better!
* some other sweet things so far this week: falling back in love with old cds, baking cookies & delicious dinners, taking super hot showers, snuggling in tons of blankets

hope your week is off to a good start too!


  1. Oh I could not agree more about tea and toast.

    They make everything better!

  2. Cheers for babies, indeed. :) My next round of blood work is at the end of the month, so I will have an idea of where I'm sitting at that point. Maybe TTC by January (!!!!). I did have a little candy, but not on the level of previous Halloweens. Who can resist Reese's? Also, as I am a really big fan of jumping the gun, I think I've settled on a girls name (if we have one). :D Hope all is well with you. It seems like life is pretty great for the two of you. That makes me happy. :)

  3. Also I just stumbled onto your link for the failblog tattoos. Thank you. I know what I'm doing for the rest of the night!

  4. Simple things are completely excellent. Isaiah has made me oatmeal and tea for the morning for the last couple of days as well...it's been chilly here...and that's been the best part of waking up for the week for sure. (not Folgers, like one might think). I'm a total nerd about voting as well, missy.

  5. anna- i know! people would settle all kinds of disagreements if they had tea and toast while talking.

    lisa- thanks! i hope all works out for you! that must be so frustrating. and yes, no one can resist reeses

    lizzie- so sweet! oatmeal is the best on chilly days. well that and sleeping in. ya voting!

  6. i love this post. it's filled with all these simple little things and yet, i feel like i know you better from it. weird, right? i want that print. i also wish i had one of those little honey jars with the honey stick. is there an actual name for that? :)

  7. tea and toast=the best! thank you for this reminder about how special the simple things are

  8. Tea and toast is my favorite breakfast. Also, you know how much I love Tony because I will sit through The Walking Dead with him. Well produced, well written, horrible story.

  9. giovanna- I don't know. I feel like i've heard people call it a honeycomb?

    rachael- no, thank you for your sweet comment!

    sarah- ha ha I totally agree. I'll totally watch again this weekend though

  10. I'm am Yes-ing this entire post. Srsly. We may just be twins. (You have the books?! So jealous!)

  11. totally agree with those simple pleasures like tea and buttered toast!
    yea being able to vote and have a say is lovely...but i too often get lazy with and confused about politics. lol.