Tuesday, November 9, 2010


(image from here)

feeling kinda crummy (all I want is my milky tea and popsicles*...oh and tons and tons of sleep!) but here are some sweet things:

1- my husband (for being such a great guy)
2- the cats (and their constant need to snuggle my brains out)
3- hearing great songs on the radio (also, listening to the celebrity gossip portions of 2 radio stations; I've timed it well, one is at 7:35 then the next one is at 7:45)
4- taking my clothes right out of the dryer so I don't have to iron them
5- getting magazines in the mail (martha & real simple, love them both because they are the holiday issues! also, what is martha's problem not putting out a homemade gift guide this year??? I know if I buy the cookie one it'll just be recipes I already have, like last years)
6- new socks! (I know I'm a total nerd)
7- light jacket weather
8- loving that my houseplants haven't died yet! (well 2 but not all, I mean why did I need all that tarragon anyways??)
9- a new social media obsession (why is twitter so addicting? now when I go online I open my email, my facebook, my twitter, my google reader & my blog. woah)
10- finding really good decaf coffee (starbucks, espresso flavored)**

* I realize that makes it sound like I'm not eating. I am also eating whatever I can put my grubby little mitts on. Also, spell check wants me to capitalize popsicle. really???
** why didn't I check here first? oh right, cause I'm a total cheapskate

so....here's to a good tuesday! which is almost wednesday (which is halfway) which is basically thursday which means friday is so close! (I used to work in an office where I always made comments like this to an accountemps rep we had. he always said the same thing back to me "your office has a serious morale problem". I was always curious where he had worked before, what kind of magical, fantastic place where people aren't psyched for fridays)


  1. Oh, that picture. That is absolutely wonderful!

    I'm getting major holiday fever. Want to bake all sorts of things and decorate and get ready for gifties and wrap them alllll!

  2. Glad you've discovered the twitter addiction.

    Sending lots of hugs in your direction, hope you feel better soon.

  3. Don't you just love finding joy in the little things in life? Hope you feel better soon!

  4. yay for your houseplants! so glad you're on twitter and light jacket weather is my favorite as well. hilarious photo. for some reason, i'm getting the vibe that this comment is sounding like i'm writing a postcard or something...yikes.

  5. i could be wrong, but isn't keeping houseplants alive part of your 28 before 28?

    ok just checked. and yes it is! it's #24!!! Hooray for living house plants and kicking ass!