Sunday, November 21, 2010

songs of the season

this is the second year we are hosting thanksgiving in our house, which means I have 4 more days to make the house sparkling clean and 4 more days to make it smell like seasonal cinnamony magic*. last year we had about 30 people and this year is looking more like 15-20. goals this year: make food better. I of course bought probably way too much food but I am super psyched to make turkey enchiladas and mashed potato gnocchi with leftovers! so here's the breakdown:

mashed potatoes (the usual, mashed with butter cream & chives)
green beans
stuffing (trader joes)
biscuits (from a tube)
cornmuffins (jiffy mix)
apple pie (so glad I canned apple pie filling in the fall)
cranberry sauce

do you guys have a favorite holiday food? mine might be everything. I really like all turkey day food. I should probably wear something loose fitting.

also, has anyone had the pumpkin silk nog? I am curious to try it...

so anyways: last year, as I peeled millions of potatoes with my sis, I listened to middle cyclone over and over. I love love love that cd any time of year but now it has a special space in my holiday line up too. I put it on in the car today when I ran my seasonal shopping errands (I even started making christmas gifts today! stay tuned I'm going to start posting christmas diy ideas from past years after thanksgiving!)

do you have songs that remind you of the holidays?? besides you know, actual holiday ones?

*also, why are there not mini pumpkins left to buy? its still the season for pumpkins right? how am I supposed to do a sad attempt at decorating now????


  1. Pumpkin silk nog--YUM. And holy impressed with you for throwing Thanksgiving! (Slightly jealous...).
    We have continuously done the bare minimum of holiday foods and then made a jillion pies. My favorites are the green enchiladas we make with the leftover turkey. And the pies.

  2. Wow, you're making a lot of food! It looks like we're going to continue our tradition of having a 2-person Thanksgiving this year, so we're just making Tofurkey, stuffing (from scratch... Thomas' vegetarianized version of his mom's stuffing), mashed root veggies, Brussels sprouts, and pumpkin pie. We always drink to many boozy seasonal drinks while we're cooking and have a fun day. We're classy!

    In addition to Neko Case (mostly Fox Confessor Blah Blah Blah), I've been listening to Laura Veirs obsessively all fall, especially July Flame. Check her out posthaste if you haven't! Totally not holidayish music, though... so I'll also recommend the Sufjan Stevens Songs For Christmas box set.

  3. jolynn- i will def pick some up now! oooh I want green enchiladas now! maybe I will make them tonight and after thanksgiving :)

    julie- your 2 person feast sounds delicious! thanks for the recommendations, I will be sure to check them out!!!

  4. oh how I love that album! reminds me of a weekend I spent in Joshua Tree last year.. i just listened to neko on repeat for three days!

  5. ooh! you know what's weird is that...barely-scratching-the-surface-weak-pop-hip-hop like david banner's "play" is what reminds me of the holidays...which is just terrifying. Enya also, because my mom blasts Enya just before the holidays. yikes.

  6. My favorite foods are the green bean casserole and my grandma's pumpkin pie recipe.

    Favorite thing to listen to for Thanksgiving is Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant.

  7. Oh my. I am running very late in my commentary on this post, but here goes.

    Mmm, my favorites? Sweet potatoes. Turkey and gravy. Soft warm rolls. Cranberry sauce. Pecan pie. Some stuffings, too -- I'm sort of picky about them.

    My mom always made these carrots drenched in butter and brown sugar and covered in walnuts. While it's not my absolute fav, I always had them, and the dish to this day totally reminds me of the holidays.

    Oh, and while it's definitely not holiday-related in content, the song "I Know This Bar" by Ani DiFranco always gets me in the mindset of the bitterly cold days of the year... and that sense you have during the holidays to coming back home to an older version of you that you left in the past.