Thursday, November 11, 2010


so I'm sure if you're reading this you probably think 'oh a picture heavy post, this probably took her a couple minutes to throw together' but that is not the case. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what I wanted to show you. should I let them see pictures where my arms look fat? where my hips look huge? where my legs look chunky? what about that one with the double chin, do I show that one? then you know what I said, eff it. this is how I look. I have big hips, a butt that won't quit and the opposite of michelle obama arms. why don't I just post the fun photos and get on with it? while I know it is not the case, I wish someone saw this (a wedding insider if you will) who thinks only thin flawless people get married. cause I'm far from those two things, I had a total blast, my husband is the best and I could not have had a better day. I am a real girl that got married. so on that note, here are some of my favorites (in no order because I am lazy):

(my girls' bouquets)

(sweet moves, part 1)

(sweet moves, part 2)

(I adore this picture)

(smooching my bestest bestest friend)

( "babies in suits!!!")

(my dapper husband)

(ring shot 1)

(ring shot 2)

(ring shot 3)

(again, the dapper husband)

(hand shaking)

(fist bumping)

(laughing, unsure what to do with my arms)
(more sweet moves)

(stump jumping)

(the whole gang)


if you guys want to see more, there are about 200 more on facebook alone. let me know and I can friend you! again, all pics are from the super fabulous kate rose. please check her out if not for yourself than to recommend to your friends!

next up: non wedding posts such as crafty holiday gift ideas & rants about daily life & to do lists!


  1. I want to see more! I love these. You guys are so cute together.

  2. These are beautiful! You are beautiful! My legs and arms looked chunky on my wedding day AND I was as pale as a ghost! It doesn't matter. What matters is the joy and the love and THE FUN and at the end of the day, you are married to the man you love!

    I would love to see more!

  3. oh! I wanna be friends and see all your pics! Love all these shots! You two are just freaking adorable and look way too happy! thanks so much for sharing!

  4. thanks everyone!

    here is my facebook link:

    friend me up! also, I'll post more on the blog if you guys are interested too!

  5. i love all of them. you did such a great job on those cake toppers.

    i'd have to say my fave is "babies in suits." it sounds funny and you two just look so happy. you have such a dapper husband and such a pretty smile.

    you guys are great.

  6. angie- ha ha that will be the title of my autobiography featuring that very picture!

  7. Dear Lisa,

    I love you. I totally would have married you if Ryan didn't beat me to it! He's a lucky fellow. Actually, you are both lucky.



  8. Okay, I'm totally tearing up, in the good way. In the "OMG, I really can't believe how beautiful this is, how happy you are, please god let mine be this way. That's EXACTLY the way I want to feel" way. You guys are gorgeous and just radiate the joy and the love and the community. Lovely lovely pictures and lovely lovely yous! Yes! MORE! :)

    Way to tempt us all to be real-life friends (right, b/c that's what FB means?!) with pretties! ;) profile link.

  9. love the photos! are these your professional ones?!?! i don't think i got to see any of them. your venue is so lovely lady! and everything turned out beautifully!

  10. liz- thank you my dear dear friend

    jolynn- thank you so much! also, I can't seem to add you as a friend on facebook! oops!

    l&l- they are! thank you so much! it was such a wonderful day

  11. The fourth picture is beautiful and should be on your wall forever.

    Also love the halos on your caketoppers!

    More, please!!!

  12. you guys are adorable! you look so darn happy and you are gorgeous!

    i'm with anna, that fourth photo is a keeper :)