Tuesday, November 30, 2010

so I may be procrastinating...

(image from here)

...since I have successfully bought the elements of gifts, but no real gifts yet. I have bought tons of felt, ribbons, seam binding, sequins, patterned paper, gift labels, blah blah blah. I have my ideas laid out and here goes (also, apologies to anyone who wants me to wrote about anything not related to christmas for the next couple weeks, its probably not going to happen):


Basically I am going to make stockings for everyone and fill them. I have bought lots of fun fabric and ribbons, etc to decorate/make the stockings. I'm going to fill them with little bottle of wines, infused alcohol, cookies, biscotti, spice rubs, candy, journals, etc etc etc. Then specific little gifts for people like ornaments, snowglobes, jewelry, journals, bookplates, etc. (trying to make the majority of these handmade)

also, tonight I am going to IKEA. I am going to decorate the crap out of our house!!!!

aaaannndd...in trying to keep this a daily thing, here is today's DIY:

cinnamon candles**
white pillar candles
hot glue
cinnamon sticks
ribbon or raffia

hot glue the cinnamon sticks (vertically) to the sides of the candle. tie with ribbon. smells fanstastic when you light it! for extra pizazz, give with a matchbox covered in holiday paper!

*this does not apply to Ryan. He gets a freebie since I accidentally saw one of the things he got me yesterday. oops.
**I have officially given these to everyone on my list already so I feel weird making them again.


  1. I am totally loving your holiday posts! Sometimes I'm a grinch, so this is helping me get in the spirit.
    Also, those cinnamon candles? AWESOME! And so easy, yes? Thanks for sharing the wonderful ideas because I'm most likely going to copy ALL OF THEM!

  2. your holiday spirit is completely infectious (in a good way...not in the disease way). i love the cinnamon candles! i'm definitely gonna make those!

  3. Holy crap, woman. You are kicking my ASS at the gifts. My fam isn't doing gifts this year b/c we're all pitching in to get everyone together. We already got a gift for his fam members.

  4. Oh, I have about a million different gift exchanges to do with a $5 to $10 price limit, so I will definitely be lifting this cinnamon stick candle idea! Thank you!! for making my season easier!

  5. Jen- they are so easy & smell great!

    Lizzie- hooray! definitely make them

    Jolynn- spending time together is nicer than any gift for real

    Heather- glad to help!