Thursday, September 30, 2010

dinner tonight

So I've been meaning to make soup for several weeks so I said to myself, why not make it on the muggiest grossest day ever? So I made my soup and although cooking it was miserable, I am very happy with the result. I am not one for measuring when I cook but here goes:

Fall Minestrone w/ Spinach Almond Pesto and Parmesan Scallion Biscuits

makes: a ton of soup

for the pesto:
-handful of baby spinach (in my case, the almost no good bottom of the bag spinach that I'll be damned if I let go bad)
- handful of almonds (like I said, no real "measurements", sorry!)
- garlic! I have some pureed stuff from TJ's, couple cloves worth
- palmful of parmesan cheese
- salt & pepper

puree it up! make sure to mix it really good or you'll bite into a chunk of almond in your soup and you'll be totally creeped out about what you just bit into. slowly add olive oil until it makes a thick paste. set aside. remember to preheat oven to 450 for biscuits.

for the biscuits:
- 2 cups bisquik mix (sorry dudes, I'll move up to making my own soon)
- 2/3 cup milk
- palmful of parmesan
- several scallions, chopped
- tons of black pepper!

mix it up! knead about 20 times. roll into about 12 balls and smoosh flat. bake 10- 12 minutes at 450. turn off oven 'cause its wicked hot.

for the soup:
- large handful of kale, roughly chopped (in my case, big ziploc bag from friend)
- 1 can of white beans, drained but not rinsed (the recipe calls for dry beans soaked but I am yet to actually soak beans overnight)
- 1 winter squash, peeled & cubed
- 1/2 an onion, diced
- ground turkey (I used roughly 1/2 lb)
- lots of broth (atleast 1 box plus some water or bouillion cubes, whatevs you got)
- spices to taste (I used rosemary, oregano, salt and pepper)

add olive oil to a large pot. add ground turkey. cook until no longer pink. set meat aside. add a little more oil to the pot. saute the onions until soft. add the squash. saute 3-4 minutes. season. add enough broth to incorporate all the ingredients you'll be throwing in there (8 cups or so). bring to a boil. once squash is soft, dump in the kale. cook until wilted. add the beans and the meat. cook until warmed through. add a huge spoonful of pesto and mix in.

serve bowls of soup with biscuits for dunking. while savoring a surprisingly delicious broth, pat yourself on the back for not letting the spinach go to waste. think about how you actually like winter squash (who knew??) and pat yourself on the back for using the squash and not letting it rot like you did with the pumpkin. then eat too many biscuits.

There you have it. The worst written recipe of all time. enjoy!

(I call this piece Bowl of Soup Near a Pile of Thor Comics)
(some wicked rustic biscuits)


  1. omg that looks delish. the bowl of soup near thor comics looks like a masterpice. only in the Lisa/Ry house could you find such awesomeness!

  2. Also, YAY BABIES!!! Are you guys TTC yet? Have you gotten any books yet? I have about a million questions!

  3. lisa- they were good!

    angie- ha ha just wait until 'homemade bread and cheese hidden by huge stack of Flash comics'

  4. lisa- i have babies on the brian like woah. we need to do some baby chatting!

  5. I, for my part, have babies on the Brian.