Thursday, September 23, 2010

money money mon-naay

(clearly if I came into any extra money, I would carry it around in a money sack. Thats not showy is it?? image from here)

Question for you: what would you buy if you had an extra $100? (This is fun money, people. No paying bills or putting it into savings accounts. Also, this money isn't real.)

I think I would buy some books (this and this are next on my list), go out to a nice dinner and maybe buy some new clothes.

What about if you won the lottery*? Let's say you won some gargantuan amount. What then?

I think I would do some of the usual things (pay off my loans, give family/friends money, pay for my sister's college education). I would love to live off making crafts and cooking all day. If I could make that work that'd be great! Or work or volunteer somewhere I loved that paid poorly (or not at all). One thing though: I would love to buy my entire etsy wishlist. I am salivating just thinking about that.

What would you do?

*No matter how many times I see it, I always watch 'The Lottery Changed My Life" when its on TLC. I love the wacky things people do like buy 100 dogs or buy a bunch of awful art.


  1. Seriously, if I won the lottery, I WOULD pay off the last of my marital debts. Then I would put the rest into a high-yield, short-term savings account (I know, against the rules) so that I could build on it for a downpayment on a little fixer-upper bungalow in San Diego, which will be our weekend house until the kids move out, when we will retire and move down there for good.

    I'm totally boring, I know.

    As for the spare $100? I would buy a pair of new boots for fall.

  2. sarah- saving was only against the rule for $100 not for the lotto (i should make my rules clearer ha ha!). I like the sound of your plan, especially for the boots