Friday, September 17, 2010

happy friday!

lots of people do 'fun fridays' so I thought I would do a fun one too: friday five!

List of five songs I would cover if I was a good singer:

1- The Outfield- I don't want to lose your love tonight
2- The Decemberists- the mariner's revenge song
3- They Might Be Giants- ana ng
4- Bonnie Tyler- total eclipse of the heart (I needed to put something epic on here and couldn't decide on a meatloaf song)

and last but definitely not least....
5- The Newsies soundtrack- Santa Fe

(now who wants to start a band????)


  1. you know what's next here, right? say it with me, youtube videos!

  2. we may be kindred spirits since I was definitely going to do that for tommorrow! spooky!