Saturday, September 11, 2010

hello there!


Thank you so much for following me here! I decided to start a new blog to rant and rave about everything else in my life other than weddings (I will still rant and rave about weddings on my other blog). I thought a good way to start would be with a list, so here is 28 before 28:

1- get over my fear of canning (botchilism!)
2- get over my fear of baking bread from scratch (yeast!)
3- make a baby
4- make some flippin crafts (I am also crazy and prepping for christmas gifts already)
5- REALLY clean our home (and organize!)
6- plan & execute an awesome garden for next spring/summer (this summer was good but next summer it'll be great!)
7- organize my ever-growing piles of magazine clippings (recipes, stuff I like but can't afford/would never actually buy, etc)
8- send more mail/packages to my far away friends/family/college bound sis
9- start painting again
10- get over my fear of my sewing machine (I sew mostly by hand)
11- eat better (aka healthier)
12- cook more (by cook I mean experiment & use more of my recipes that I collect instead of making the same 1o things I always make*)
13- see more movies (this should make my husband happy; the last thing I begged to see was 'Babies'; usually I would rather sit at home and watch a Simpsons marathon)
14- have some kind of routine exercise (for real, this time)
15- be better with money (save more, spend less)
16- read more books (and finish the ones I start...any recommendations??)
17- buy our home (well start the process anyways)
18- go to the dentist and dermatologist (eep!)
19- invest in some clothes (more than 2 pairs of work pants perhaps?)
20- buy a hammock stand! (gotta throw some easy ones in there too)
21- recycle more (stop being lazy and not washing out pb jars, etc)
22- compost more (stop being lazy and throwing apple cores in trash sometimes)
23- shred junk mail instead of letting pile up and take over living room
24- actually keep my houseplants alive
25- (for real) learn to knit** (and remember how to crochet)
26- stress out less
27- keep in touch better (maybe use an actual phone as opposed to email even? lets not get ahead of ourselves here! one step at a time!)
28- remember birthdays better! (actually write on my calendar so I remember them)
29 (bonus!)- get back into music (like when I used to eat, sleep and breathe it...but maybe not take it that far)

* lately its been a lot of poached eggs, mini bagels with laughing cow cheese and fruit, veggie couscous, random garden salads, take out & homemade burritos, etc)
** ashamed to say, but for one of my homework assignments for my fibers class in college, I had my roommate knit for me. I can't knit to save my life. my teacher knew right away, I think she even knew Meg did it


  1. Yay! Lisa, you are an inspiration in every way.

  2. Awesome list, Lisa. I love that you are so baby crazy all of a sudden.

  3. liz- i love you! can't wait for IKEA

    sarah- i've been baby crazy for quite sometime. its just all coming out now!

  4. Lol, why did the video to that song pop into my head the moment I clicked over.

  5. Yay - I love lists like this. Did one for my 30th - need to get to work on it.

    Ohhh #3 how exciting! #5 - totally need to do that too - perhaps moving will force me into it! #13 - I am dying to see Babies - it didn't screen here in Oz - thinking I need to buy it on DVD - was it good? #17 we are still finalizing all the paper work - so much paper work - but it is so nice knowing we are going to be home owners! #18 so overdue for the dentist - but they scare me! #25 Hopefully Miss P is going to move to where we live next year, and then we are going to find a cute Nanna to teach us to knit!

  6. buhdoop- it is a classic

    mrs. t- we can cheer each other on since we have similar lists! hurrah!

  7. I must encourage the sewing machine thing. I am so happy I started doing it. I have a lot of really good recipes if you're interested? Anything in particular that you're interested in (other than bread)?