Monday, September 13, 2010

fall- 3 thumbs up!

(image from here...take that Martha! seriously M-dog goes bonkers for halloween, have you seen her halloween special issues????)

alright, my favorite time of year has come. thats right, its fall people., especially when I see my beloved candy apples in the store (not the fancy ones, mind you, the ones at stop and shop...why must they come in 3 packs?? I have to hide them to trick myself to only eat one. also, I have yet to master eating one and driving). i bought a loaf of pumpkin wheat bread at the farmers market this weekend (I really wanted the sweet potato pecan bread but $7 seemed a bit steep for bread). it makes me long to eat my favorite boston pizza: 'the seasonal',which is only available at select times at penguins' pizza, with toppings like butternut squash, goat cheese and sage. I've decided to review my fall food/drinks so far (you know, to help you out of course):

1- dunkin donuts' pumpkin muffin
aah, streusel. you make everything so amazing! I can't believe you are only butter, flour, sugar and cinnamon! anyways, I was psyched to eat one as I am every year. However, this year's fell flat. Did I built it up too much? Probably. It is an unsettlingly (can I use that word???) moist muffin. Also, I failed to mention I did eat the whole thing so it wasn't that bad.

2- starbucks' pumpkin latte (iced)
I'm not a big hot coffee person, except after meals. I am iced year round. so I was very excited to have this drink. It was great (except the fact that I always get mediums, do I mean grandes?, and I think it was almost $5). not too sweet (D&D's is way too sweet for me), definitely delicious. you should get one!

3- trader joe's pumpkin pancake mix
granted we had these for breakfast way before fall. there is something I don't like about having pumkin things off season but whats done is done. that being said, they were very tasty! very heavily spiced but very tasty! buy some!

4- starbucks' salted caramel hot chocolate
I was pretty stoked about this. I love the salted caramel thing thats everywhere nowadays. I love when foods I like become trendy (see also: cupcakes) because then I can get them everywhere! Anyways, back to the cocoa. Basically, it was salty cocoa. Delicious, but not what I thought.

also, I am going to apple and pumpkin picking next weekend (!!!!) and helping bake a sure to be award winning pie. all I need is one of those pumpkin sweater vests from marshalls and I will officially be in the zone. also, I'm going to carve the crap out of that pumpkin.

and just for fun!

old favorites:
super simple pumpkin tiramisu
pumpkin creme brulee
oatmeal apple scones
cazuela baked apples

want to try:
squash potstickers
sweet potato gnocchi (I just bought a ricer!)
leek bread pudding
apple butter

whats your favorite fall food item? do you love fall as much as me?
(well you might think you don't)


  1. That pizza at Penguin's is the best. And the McSweeney's rant is my most favorite thing to every be posted on the internet.

  2. Pumpkin pie. I'm a traditionalist. Also, roasted pumpkin seeds.

    Also, pumpkin and squash soups. Yum.

  3. haha - funny pic!

    It's Spring here in NZ... we love pizza too and have never ever tried pumpkin pie!!

  4. Liz- mine too. for serious

    Sarah- i love the soup idea! I might ahve to make some soon (or buy them depending on how ambitious I feel)

    Paisley Jade- you have have some pumpkin pie! I should send you some!

  5. M-dog - I think I snorted reading that. Very lady like!

  6. mrs t- I said it drinking tea with my pinkie up! he he