Tuesday, September 28, 2010

so i've been thinking about...

...collections. I've always wanted one. I'm sure in theory there are several things I collect but never have I had a collection where someone would say "Oh you know Lisa, she collects (fill in the blank)" or " ooh look at this (fill in the blank)! this would be perfect for Lisa's crazy collection". my mother in law collects ladybug things. my best friend's boyfriend collects wise men figurines. you know what I'm talking about. snowglobes, salt and pepper shakers, coca cola merchandise. one thing that started me thinking about this was when I looked on ebay the other day for pie birds (what? is this not a good use of my time?) and when I saw the prices and a pie bird marked 'from the convention' I knew I had stumbled upon something. it also reminds me of a great book I read. there is something about people being so fanatical that I find completely fascinating. I guess I just love how much they can love one thing (or one person). your thoughts? do you collect anything?

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  1. Sometimes though things get a little out of control at the Home for Wayward Wisemen.

  2. I've thought about collecting things...but I think I'm going to do it on the down low. Because yeah, once people find out you 'collect'...then its endless and can get crazy! My in laws 'collect' moose things, so their entire living room is full of moose stuff! Every inch has a moose on it!
    So I'm not going to collect, I'm going to have assortments! Plus, then I can have multiple assortments! :)

  3. liz- he he

    jen- i love the assortments idea! i may have to copy you on that

  4. I have a couple hundred Incredible Hulk comics I can give you if you want to start collecting those...

  5. i used to collect rocks :) i was obsessed with them.

    i've recently wanted to start collecting head vases, but josh thinks they're super creepy. :(

    silly husband.

  6. If you start collecting something, this will be the only thing people will ever give you for the rest of your life.

    I know a woman with an enormous elephant collection. It started when she brought 1 little elephant statue home from a trip to Africa.

  7. yay new blog!! i love. i don't really collect anything, but i can relate to this post, because lord knows i've tried. i just have no patience and inevitably end up ruining things. when i was little, i had a garbage pail kids sticker collection, which went south in a hurry when i just started giving them away instead of trading. i didn't get the concept. then i had a stamp collection, but i lost it. i know, right? lately, my mother in law has been giving me little bird statues she finds at flea markets because she thinks i'm obsessed with birds because there were birds on my wedding stationery! haha, so yes, i'm with sarah. if you do start collecting something, choose carefully because that thing will be the only gift you get forever.

  8. rjt- i own half of those right? that was part of getting married to you right?

    angie- rocks!? so adorable! also head vases are neat! you can keep some of your stash at my house if josh doesn't approve

    giovanna- your wedding pics was so gorgeous! as for the collections, you and sarah are right. well unless i start collecting money :)

  9. So I USED to have this saying that people with collections are one step away from collecting bodies in the basement...but now I know what you mean. It kind of seems like especially once you're done with school...in a serious relationship/married...what do people use to define you, you know? Or at least maybe I'm alone in that..

    Pie birds are freaking fab. Good work & great use of your time.

    I agree with Sarah...my grandma once said she loved cows as a thank you for a cow gift someone got her...the whole family took note. Cows. For. Ever. She just cleared them all out and sent out a letter, "Thanks for all the cows...but no thanks." kind of thing..

    Jen has the right idea...collect...but on your own. Quietly and subtly, haha. Be selective too! You can be so quick to start a collection that you just end up buying anything, you know?

    One last thing in this novel of a comment..my stepdad has an awesome collection of jade and it's done really tastefully...it's enough that he has some of it packed away at a time...but he always has like...5 to 10 GREAT pieces out on display throughout the house...ties everything together really neat throughout the house and isn't too much of an obvious collection..you know?

    Just a thought. Good luck on your collection...it's gonna be great because it's yours.

  10. The hoarding gene is strong in me - I have to resist the urge to hoard - I mean collect - all kinds of things.

    Right now Mr B and I are collecting vintage globes. But we have a rule that we have to find them places - not just buy them all off ebay (which is so tempting). But I think half the fun is the actual collecting bit.

    P.s. Pie birds would be an AWESOME collection.