Sunday, September 19, 2010

how was your weekend??

mine was filled with:

date night (thai food (rad na! has anyone else has had this?? it is my favorite thing to order! it's grilled flat noodles in some kind of brown sauce with chinese greens), superhero hostess cupcakes)

(also,we bought flash cakes...I was fairly excited to eat these. I mean, coconut, marshmallow, chocolate, cream filling, what could go wrong? well something did. also, i think I don't like snowballs so not sure why I thought I'd like these.)

apple picking! (bushels of apples (atleast 3 kinds!), pears, honey, pieces of a dear friend's CSA)
-which resulted in batches of apple butter and canned apple pie filling (take that #1!)
(just a portion of our day's work! apple pie filling on left, apple butter on right)

sandwiches at a converted library coffehouse & talk of Japanese horror films (basically about how they are better than american horror movies, psychological thrillers vs gore, etc)

IKEA trip (swedish meatballs, new compost bin & dish towels, I am trying to reduce my paper towel use/wastefullness)

lime rickeys* with my best friend in our backyard** (what is better than that???)

*to make my lime rickeys, I use lime juice, seltzer, lime wedges and some kind of sweetner. I've used sugar in the past but today we used agave and it works just as nice. crazy straws make any drink taste better too
** have I told you the story of our yard? it is great except for one thing. acorns. my dear husband rakes them up daily and the squirrel that live in the trees assault us with them! I've had welts from getting hit!


  1. I love lime rickeys but I love you more!

  2. eek! i love you tons!

    #30- spend way more time with Liz!