Tuesday, September 21, 2010

all fixed! read me again!

Please come back, dear readers! I promise not to give you viruses! The wonderful Sarah gave me a heads up that my site was being tagged by google and firefox for possible infections. Now I should be all set. I'm back and better than ever, baby! Here are some randomn things that have happened or things that I'm thinking about:

bought: a new dress (another wedding on Saturday!)
(almost) bought: strawberry tomatoes!

(how neat are these?? and so sweet! image from here)

listened to: more black keys, more Brandon Flowers and rounded it out with Day and Age by The Killers. Need some new tunage (suggestions????)
ate:I made an amazing dinner tonight! (woo #12!!!). I made a couple changes (I had some pesto in the fridge, added some scallions, used barley instead of quinoa). hopeing to make this soon!

(yes I am that good at taking photos ha ha...also the result of eating dinner at 8)

watched: The Simpsons. I never get tired of them. We watched Das Bus last night and I forgot how funny that one was. Milhouse is such a jerk in it and I love it. I love anything that makes my husband really really laugh too.

what have you eaten, bought, listened to or watched?


  1. So love me some Simpsons - I think my fav episode is the one where he sings the song that goes "she brings me a turkey, on my vacation away from workey" - now you probably think I am crazy - ha ha.

    Or the one where Mr Burns sings that song about the dogs he's going to make into a coat "see my vest, see my vest, made from real gorilla chest".

    I'm noticing a singing theme....

    P.s. I didn't know you had a new blog. I'm all out of the blog loop

  2. mrs t- I love those ones too! thanks for reading the new blog too. I just felt weird still writing under something with the word bride in it

  3. Ooh, strawberry tomatoes! Yum.

    Watched: Glee. It's an uneven show. One episode will be amazing and the next, the songs will be blah and the storyline even worse.

    Ate: Lemon picata chicken, homemade fries and corn on the cob (thanks, baby).

    Listened to: Olivia Newton-John and Madonna (see Glee, above), but not necessarily by choice.

  4. Sarah- I hear so much about Glee! I feel like I should check it out! also, your dinner sounds amazing. lemoney anything makes my day brighter!