Friday, April 8, 2011

tiny bear mix

so glad its Friday! seriously. work has been slightly brutal lately and due to our schedules, my husband and I haven't really seen each other except when one of us is in bed and the other is leaving for work/just coming home. the last couple weekends we have been going on adventures and spending the whole day just hanging out so I can't wait! tomorrow I also going to a drawing marathon at the school I work at. it is 9-9 but I think I will just go for a bit in the morning. I really want to work on something to send in to this site. today's mix is all animals I've made for my shop (sorry, couldn't really think of a not lame theme for this week). happy weekend to all!

Damien Rice- Elephant
Pink Floyd- Sheep
Dire Straits- Lions
The Descendents- I Want to be a Bear
PJ Harvey- Pig Will Not
Florence & the Machine- Rabbit Heart

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  1. It's not a lame theme, it's an AWESOME theme! Happy Friday my dear :)

  2. That's rad! And I'm so slacking on my Friday mixes!

  3. thanks guys! you are such sweethearts :)