Wednesday, April 6, 2011

oh, hey there!

(My favorite thing about spring: chicks, ducks and bunnies*. I have a bag in my car right now. Oh and chocolate covered peeps! Oh yeah, I like that warm weather and planting thing too)

Oh hey it's me. The girl who used to blog fairly regularly? Yeah her. I have been sewing up a storm (check out the site if you haven't in a while) so blogging/twitter/etc have definitely taken a backseat. Here are some random things that have happened/I've been thinking about, to ease me back into blogging (p.s. this post will be ridiculous and make no sense, you were warned!)

- Sometimes I mishear song lyrics but I like my version better. sorry to everyone I'm friends with on facebook** since I posted about this yesterday. But seriously, sometimes my lyrics are way better. I'm sure a successful, famous band would love if I contacted them about changing their lyrics because I have a better idea.

- My cousin lives in Austin and is just an all around super cool guy. Add in the fact that he works in the music business to his all around coolness. So he was all up in SXSW. He sent me pictures of himself hanging out with Michael Stipe and Hanson (yes, MMMBOP Hanson). How old is too old to be begging my cousin to ask Ben Folds to sign an autograph for me...or you know write a song for me?

- Yesterday I visited my mom. It probably goes without saying but just in case: she still lives in my hometown. I picked up salads for us last night and as I was driving to go pick them up, all I could think about was running into someone from high school. I felt okay, my hair looked decent enough....well fine, it didn't but I could blame that on the humidity right? My outfit wasn't awful, well my pants made my butt look big but...Needless to say, no one was there except the older owner of the pizza place and I don't think he's ever seen me before so he had no comparison to make. I would say 'why did I lose sleep over this??' but I was driving. Can I say 'why did I waste my day dreaming over this?' instead?

- Its funny the little things that can set you off. In a sad direction, not an angry one. A lot of people around me seem to be in a bad mood lately (things are really busy at work, etc) but so far I am trying to stay far from that. The other night I was trying to get comfortable and find a way to sleep (side? back? slightly turned? upside down?) and all of a sudden, I just thought about how over a month ago, I was making sure I slept on my left side. It's funny, I see little kids and want to scoop them up and play with them and they don't make me sad but things like seeing crappy parents on the news and thinking 'how is this fair?' makes me a little teary. Keep in mind, lots of things make me teary (like heroic animals, insurance ads,etc). Also, reveling in how 'things aren't fair' is an awful thing to do. Still working on that one.

Be back soon with posts that make more sense. Or not. One or the other, for sure.

* They made a smart move and got rid of yellow and green. Now it's just pink, purple and blue!
**Kinda can't believe that spell check doesn't recognize facebook if things like LOL are being added to the dictionary


  1. * I disagree! Now I feel guilty for wasting 1/3 of the bag of chicks, ducks, and bunnies instead of only 1/4 of the bag. Want my purples? I'll save them for you!

  2. I also make an effort to look a little nicer when I have to leave my parents' house in my home town. I always worry I'm going to see someone from middle school or an ex.

  3. Oh, darling. (I did the hometown worry this last weekend!)

    You are so beautiful and wonderful.

  4. So glad you're back!!

    I ALWAYS hear the wrong song lyrics. It's so bad, it's actually a huge running joke in my family.

    Also, my parents live in my hometown too. I will duck my head and all but run to avoid interacting with folks I haven't seen since high school!

  5. They make CHOCOLATE COVERED PEEPS?! Soooo glad I found your blog. ;)

  6. i love austin! next time you go to visit him, you GOTTA let me know and we'll meet up!

  7. liz- you better!

    meghan- I react the same way to them :)

    ms. bunny- me too! but I never do! I always see them in some other weird way

    jo- no YOU are!

    heather- thanks! we just know the better versions :)

    craftosaurus- thanks! like your blog too!

    lizzie- FOR SURE!!!