Thursday, April 21, 2011


First off, you guys are ridiculously sweet. Your comments always brighten my day and you left such nice ones for yesterday's fight cloud post. In good news, I took today off to sew my little heart out. The husband and I went out to breakfast this morning and now I am sewing a cat, so far so good for today! I got my most favorite breakfast which is the tuscan benedict (prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato & poached eggs on grilled english muffins with low fat yogurt mustard hollandaise. If anyone comes to visit, I am taking you here to eat). Before I post today's mix, I thought I would share some knowledge with you. Do you have an iphone or does your significant other/any family member/ any friends? If so, you know it is essential for looking up weird things you think about while out to dinner (it is especially helpful if you are eating at Bertuccis and have eaten all the rolls but your food is not there yet and you don't want to ask for more rolls even though you are really hungry, it is an excellent distraction!). Without further ado, here are some things we have learned:

- the difference between moles and voles (moles are meat eaters and voles are vegetarians, moles have larger front claws, etc)
- LFO stands for Lyte Funky Ones ( no that is not a misspelling, yes that is the band that sings summer girls, yes I will save you the time and link to it here)
- where is Ferguson from Clarissa Explains it All today (answer: working in theatre). because I'm sure you are as interested as me, here is a current picture of him:

(image from here)

but this is how I will always choose to remember him...

(image from here)

alright, here's the mix! just a super fun one, full of songs I sing really loud in the car if I hear them on the radio*:

Separate Ways- Journey
Talk Dirty to Me- Poison
Power of Love- Huey Lewis
Sunday Morning- No Doubt
Follow You Down- Gin Blossoms
I Don't Want to Lose Your Love- The Outfield
My Prerogative- Bobby Brown
Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler

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* If I have ever put these on another mix, I apologize. Also, that is pretty embarrassing.


  1. How is it that Ferguson is now 100 years old whereas I have not aged a day... right?

  2. TWO awesome mixes in just a few days?! We so lucky!

    (That's exactly what I use my iPhone for also!)

  3. no doubt!!! woohoo! ferg! LFO! you are the bomb!

  4. Yes to the iPhone! It's amazing to have the internet in your pocket. You can settle disputes right away instead of them dragging out debating who is right about some trivia fact.

  5. i have a blackberry and never look anything up because it's painfully slow. ps. my prerogative made me happy. i went through a bobby brown phase when that album came out.

  6. liz- it is true, you are ageless :)

    jolynn- hooray! glad you like them!

    lizzie- ha ha thanks!

    ms. bunny- ha ha yes gone are the days are waiting til we get home to settle petty quarrels :)

    giovanna- hooray for fellow bobby brown love! awesome