Thursday, April 7, 2011


(small elephant)

pluses and minuses of today:

- got lost on the way to work (long story...well not that long, took a different route & got lost)
- my shoe broke and I had to staple it back together (+ resourceful!)
- found out my car needs specialty tires and had to pay for 1 specialty tire to replace my flat front one
- dealt with mechanics and felt like they are trying to trick me and take all my money
- was crabby
- didn't see my husband
- tried to donate to one of those radio charity marathons but the woman on the other end couldn't hear my card # for some reason, gave up (will call tomorrow!)
- made an elephant, it came out kinda lame
- bit my nails
- felt stuffed up, sniffly
-today is only thursday!
+ did some serious problem solving at work/actually felt accomplished today
+ drank a giant fountain diet coke!
+ made a tasty dinner! (peppers, onions, grilled corn, ground turkey, tomatoes & black beans w/ some goya seasoning & cilantro!)
+ got home & found out my husband bought us Tina Fey's book, Bossypants!
+ cut out patterns for chicken & chicks, rhino!
+ saw my favorite 'time to relax' shirt was clean! wore it! (we all have those outfits that when we do laundry it is the first thing we wear...this also goes for underwear, socks, bras and pants)
+ tomorrow is friday!'s your week going?


  1. oh my... you just added a total plus to my day! I didn't know Tina Fey had a book and now I'm reading about it on Amazon and man...even the fake reviews are HILARIOUS!
    Thanks for starting my friday off with a laugh! Hope your weekend comes fast fast fast!

  2. That elepahnt is a cutie (never lame)and I took have such an outfit.

  3. Yowza with the stapled shoe! (I hate tires. And mechanics). I like your elephant! (dinner looks amazing). TINA FEY!!!!!!! (CHICKS!!)

  4. i love the elephant. :)
    you know that already.
    hopefully your week is getting brighter since i'm so damned late getting to this!

  5. I can't believe how cute your little animals are! Thanks for leaving the link. I think I like the chickens and kangaroos the best. You're very talented!

  6. jen- definitely read it! it rocks

    meghan- thank you!!

    jo- he he love this comment :)

    lizzie- ha ha thanks!

    elizabeth- thank you so much!!