Saturday, April 9, 2011


(didn't mean to make the model look so somber)

So I went to a drawing marathon day at my work today put on by the art department. It was all the art students and me and my boss. I felt SO rusty. Not THAT long ago, I was doing figure drawing everyday. After some warming up, I finally got into the groove again. I miss this. I miss my hands being covered in graphite and charcoal. I miss intricately designed still lifes* with weird old toys and shoes. Maybe I will try to take a class in the fall. Just like when I recently reconnected with an old friend, I felt like I was missing this and didn't even realize it until I started again.

* is it still lives? I wasn't sure...


  1. I've been having the exact same experience with singing the past few days. Except no work-sponsored marathon. It feels good to be back, doesn't it?!

  2. I know how you feel. I have been feeling the urge to take some classes, but money is tight and it's not in the budget. I'm glad for you that you are getting to do what you love!

  3. OH! Looking great!

    It's still lifes. :)

    I modeled for one of those figure drawing classes in college--it was super empowering and I really loved it. Artists are cool.

  4. wow. i am impressed. stick figures are all i can manage...

    isaiah is just getting back into the swing of drawing every day with his art classes and their assignments and all that. he said the SAME thing. i miss my hands covered in charcoal. and then i more touching the goods when i'm wearing white. sad face.

  6. Good for you! I miss that too, and I know I do but somehow its hard to get all the supplies out and set aside a quality amount of time. You've inspired me though, maybe this afternoon...

  7. wow, i knew you were super-talented, but this is really beautiful. you should definitely sketch more regularly, considering you just realized how much you love it. and seriously, marathon art day? best job ever.

  8. you are so talented ma lady
    please do this often, and please share it with us as often as possible.
    i'd love to see more of your art

  9. julie- yes it does!

    jo- that is so awesome!

    meghan- stick figures are rad!

    lizzie- ha ha ha, no goods touching while drawing with charcoal is a good rule :)

    amanda- thanks! hope you made something too!

    giovanna- thanks so much! yes working a at a college is pretty awesome

    l&l- aw thank you! I will!