Wednesday, December 29, 2010

so I have a problem...

(what house wouldn't look better with this hanging in it?!? from here)

Megan mentioned yesterday that she wanted to see what I got for christmas. Well, I got lots of fun stuff like this, this, and this but I also got gift cards. Lord, I can be an awful awful shopper. Here's my dilemma: I try so hard to make purchases that are perfect aka good prices and things I really want/need that I end up not buying anything because I panic that I either don't need said thing or its too pricey. Now one of the gift cards I can use with my paypal so I thought 'yay! I can buy fun stuff off my etsy favorites list like this, this or this'. But no. It's hours later* (yes HOURS) and I have still not bought anything. Did I mention I have 37 pages of etsy favorites? yes, THIRTY FREAKIN SEVEN, which is 729 items. Yet, here I sit with my full gift card, freaking out. Am I alone? Does anyone else go through this??? Please tell me someone else is crazy like me.

*hours I didn't spend catching up on more blogs. sorry friends! today!


  1. We got a million gift cards as wedding gifts and I felt the exact same way. I wanted to get the most for our "money" and ended up freaking out about everything! Luckily, Chris has no issues with this whatsoever, so he made some final decisions for us.

    So, yes, there are others (namely me) who are crazy like you!

  2. Hahaha, I love you. (If you still want a card, email me. It's a New Years card!) I have banned myself from Etsy unless I have a purpose, ie something to hang on a wall in x space, something for this person. And I am not allowed to have favorites. My amazon list is insane enough!

  3. I would love to say that I could help you with your "problem", but we've been shopping together and I am no help. Here's a typical Lisa/Jen shopping convo-
    Lisa -"Should I get this shirt? It's only $2.99."
    Me- "Umm, yeah, I'd get it. It's supah cute. I don't know if I should buy these socks. I mean, I do NEED socks, but do I WANT socks?"
    Lisa-"Those socks are supah cute. Get'em. But this shirt, what do you think?"
    Me- "Absolutely get the shirt! I think I'm gonna put the socks back."
    Lisa-" I mean, I like the shirt, but do I LOVE the shirt?"

    2 hours later we are at the register paying for our clearance stationary set.

  4. Oh, 2 things I will DEFINITELY be purchasing(with no questions asked)-The Sedaris/Falconer book and the Ben Folds/Hornby album. Talk about 2 amazing collaborations!

  5. oh MAN i love those duck measuring cups! you're gonna have a blast buying...i have stacks of giftcards I can never seem to find anything "worthy" enough of free money to spend them on...


    good luck's not a terrible dilemma, at least, haha. you'll have a blast!

    p.s. fat cat = hell yes.

  6. I try to think of my gift cards as "fun" money--I can buy whatever I want, frivolity is perfect when you have a gift card! Do you want a toaster that leaves a hello kitty face when you toast your bread? Go for it! Have you been spying hot pink sequin flats! It's fun money--have fun with it!

    My biggest problem is that I always spend more than the gift card is worth... its tough to find perfect amounts when shopping for cat shaped body pillows.

  7. heather- thanks for the support!

    jolynn- so excited for my card!! aren't wishlists so fun to make??

    ruby grey- yes, truly we are shopping champs :)also, do purchase those! they are excellent!

    lizzie- ha ha that can be the title of my auto biography "fat cat=hell yes"

    megan- thanks for the tips! also, now I really want one of those pillows you mentioned