Wednesday, December 15, 2010

kind of cheating - 2 more DIYs

(image via design crush)

so not sure how clear I made this, these are OLD DIYs for me (for the most part, I wrote in 'angry' letters to stop reading if it was new). So if you were trying to sneak a peek of your gift this year, you are out of luck! ha ha. that being said, heres a couple super easy gifts with time running out:

Vanilla Sugar

vanilla bean (buy in bulk on ebay!)
1 cup sugar

split bean & put in sugar. store in fancy mason jar. use in any recipe that you need vanilla extract & sugar...and in your coffee. you can also make a version using dried lavender.

Christmas Sugar!

zest of 1 lime or a couple chopped mint leaves
freeze dried strawberries
1 cup sugar

leave mint or lime out to dry. then put dried pieces in spice grinder & pulse. mix into in fancy mason jar. use for fancy sugar cookies. you can do a similar version with lemon, but those are not festive enough colors for me.


  1. Mmm, that is a fabulous idea!

  2. you are fantastically creative. a renaissance woman. a woman's woman. wait...well that seems to only work for a man's man. and that, my friend, is sexism.