Tuesday, December 7, 2010

not procrastinating...I swear!

well.... maybe a little*

without further ado, here's your daily DIY:

(makes about 2 quarts)

11 lemons
1 bottle 160-proof vodka, or grain alcohol
3 cups sugar
3 cups boiling-hot water

1. Peel strips of zest from lemons using a vegetable peeler; reserve lemons for another use. Put zest and vodka in an airtight container; let stand at room temperature at least 2 days (or up to 1 week).

2. Stir together sugar and the hot water until sugar is dissolved; let cool. Stir sugar mixture into vodka mixture; refrigerate in an airtight container 1 day.

3. Before serving, pour through a large sieve into a decanter or serving vessel; discard zest. Pour 2 ounces limoncello into each glass. Limoncello can be stored in the freezer in an airtight container up to 3 months.

...and a bonus one! (well not really since I didn't post yesterday):

Lip Balm

3 teaspoons grated unbleached beeswax
5 teaspoons carrier oil (sunflower, castor, or jojoba)
6 or 7 drops essential oil***
1 teaspoon honey

1. Melt the beeswax and carrier oil together in the top of a double boiler, stirring to combine. Remove from heat; add honey and essential oil. Mix thoroughly so the honey does not clump.

2. To add a little color, stir in a tiny dab of lipstick with a coffee stirrer. Pour the mixture into containers; let sit 20 minutes before covering or moving. For glossier lip balm, use 2 teaspoons wax and 8 teaspoons carrier oil.

*this is hopefully our christmas card picture for this year (needs a little tweaking). you like? do you like my shoes? they were $1.75! also I can't take a good photo to save my life. 'blink detected' is the basic summary of every photo of me. I can't help it! my chubby cheeks cover my eyes!
** IKEA sells perfect bottles for gifting this. also, people love this because it tastes good and makes them seem fancy since it is Italian. for fancier results throw the word 'Tuscan' in front of it. thats what the OG does and it seems to work for them.
*** I used peppermint. also, be sure to make some for yourself! you'll be sad if you don't.


  1. LOVE the photo. And limoncello is a fab gift!

  2. I seriously love your holiday card photo.

  3. hahahhahahahahaha. i second anna's comment. i'd like to purchase this tree. if you're smart, you won't sell though. :)
    also, i love you for posting a limoncello recipe! i'm making it.

  4. damn...we just went with a fakey tree and a bag of $2 ornaments..might as well have said "Bah humbug" after checking out yours and Ryan's dedication to decor. you guys rock.

  5. Lisa- thanks! finally sent them out :)

    Jolynn- thanks! I agree, it is mighty tasty and counts as a fruit serving

    Sarah- hurrah! thank you!

    anna- ha ha, not for sale!

    giovanna- tell me how your limoncello comes out!

    lizzie- if only I could get him to wear this all season....