Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 DIYs, 11 Days left

(hey Lisa, its Santa. Christmas is only 11 days away, hurry the eff up with yo gifts)

Jingle Mouse Ornament*

First, download the pattern. Download Jinglemouse

Cut out your pieces--here's what you need:
Wool felt for head, ears, tail and bottom Calico for body
Bell for nose
Embroidery thread for face
4" long ribbon for loop
Polyfil stuffing

Sew the head to the body, nose down on the right side facing of the calico.
Flip head part up, iron flat and fold over the sides of the body.
Pin together, right sides facing. Don't forget to pin your loop inside, too. I place mine about halfway up the head piece.
Turn it right side out.
Stuff its little sausage body.
Once you've got it nice and firm, start sewing on the bottom circle. Having the scalloped (or pinked would be nice too) edges helps keep the stitches evenly spaced and hides kooky sewing. Don't forget to tuck in the end of the tail near the back seam! (I only say this because I've done it, myself)
Now your mouse is ready for ears. I like to pinch them in half and sew them with a few stitches at the end to form them before I stitch them on the body.Stitch them to the body, on either side of the loop.
Sew on bell to tip of nose.
Using three strands of embroidery thread, sew eyes (either straight stitches or french knots will do) and a little mouth (like an upside-down "Y") if you like.
This pattern makes a lean little mouse about 5" tall. For a more petite rodent, shorten the body portion of the pattern and make the base circle smaller, as well. You could make a whole family! Eek!

Silhouette Picture
Step 1: Create your template.
Step 2: Cut out your pattern
Step 3: Make your Frame
Step 4: Cutting the Background Once your frame is dry, you will want to trace it's size onto a red piece of poster board. This one I am using is like a textured paper, not shiny like regular poster board. Once you have measured the frame, then cut along that line
Step 5: Connect the Glue Dots
Step 6: Stick it to 'um Once you have all the glue dots on the back, you want to line up the bottom and stick down the silhouette onto the red paper.
Step 7: Prepare the frame Now you want to put the glue dots all along the back of the frame.
Step 8: Last step Now you want to stick the entire background onto the frame, making sure to line up the sides and top and bottom. Once the glue sticks, you cant move it around, so try to be as accurate as possible!

Now flip it over and find somewhere awesome to put it for your holiday!

*I made this as cat/dog toys
**I used a family picture


  1. love, love, love the silhouette! i may make a non holiday one!
    good luck with 11 days to go!

  2. puuuurdy! you are ROCKIN' it, girl...don't even talk about needing to hurry up, you're making me feel hella guilty! i have like 2389ruoia<<- that many projects left...wait, are there letters in that?

    the silhouettes are freaking awesome. i love the cat toys. you are an awesome lady.

  3. Supercute! I need to get on the ball craft-wise. You make me feel like a slacker!

  4. jen- thanks! I need it!

    lizzie- thank you! I have a ridiculous amount still to go. A lot of these projects are from last year or the year before so no one gets a sneak peek though

    heather- I am slacking way more than normal! usually I am a machine at this time of year!