Monday, December 27, 2010

aaaand.... I'm back!

(image from here)

happy belated holidays, my friends! atleast, I'm early in wishing you a happy new years ey?

sorry for the blog absence, guys. how was everyone's holidays? festive? fun? did anyone get any rest? was everyone snowed in? I had a wonderful day, more like a wonderful week or so.Mine were indeed fun, festive & we did get snowed in. I loved it so much. I ate so much delicious food (the usual: ham, cookies, casseroles, more cookies) and got many sweet presents (including many pieces from this wonderful shop...what? you've never been? go check it out now! she is a dear friend of mine and her stuff is the best!)

other assorted holiday observations/happenings:
1-'i saw mommy kissing santa claus' has officially surpassed ' baby its cold outside' as creepiest holiday tune. first off, this kid singing is so psyched to tell his dad about this which I find confusing because what good will come of that? also, if his mom is smoochin santa I either feel like it is so this kid will get excellent gifts or its that Santa looks less like the Santa I picture and maybe more like James Franco with a beard?
2- anyone else know about this movie? my friend saw it & recommends it. I am curiously intrigued. be sure to watch the two shorts that inspired it, here and here.
3- along with my annual 'A Christmas Story' watching, we also watched 'Scrooged'. So good. I love Bill Murray so.
4- we stayed in alot since the actual holiday was so busy so we decided to start watching a new show (new to us not to the rest of the world). We started Weeds. I'm hooked. I am actually interested in all the characters which rarely happens. I especially like the youngest son.
5- how many times can I listen to this song before I get sick of it? I'll let you know when I get sick of it.

5 items is good for a list. let's leave it at that. now to catch up on my google reader....


  1. Welcome Back!!! I've been away during crazy season too. I'm so impressed by all the stuff you made! Yes, both those xmas songs totally creep me out, and I'm now intrigued by that Finnish movie.

  2. It's so bizarre that you said that about the kissing Santa Claus song, because I said the same exact thing to Chris 3 or 4 days ago and he made a good point: Santa could have been the dad. You know, because mom's and dad's are "Santa"? That makes it less creepy anyway. Good to have you back, you were missed!

  3. giovanna- thanks! I know, doesn't it look neat??

    lisa- I know the point is probably that it is the dad dressed up but thats just never how I think of it ha ha

  4. Welcome back! I too will never get tired of that song!

  5. Bill Murray is one of my all time favorites. I was pumped to see Scrooged on repeat for Christmas.

    Next list--what you got for gifts!

  6. glad you're back! we watch scrooged and christmas vacation every year...fantastic comedies for the holidays. i've ALWAYS thought that was a creepy song!

  7. I love love love Weeds! I've seen all of the seasons and I'm always up for it. C and I sing the theme song in the kitchen sometimes, trying to get all of the different variations. :)

  8. ruby grey- no you rock!

    heather- thanks! still not sick of it yet :)

    megan- me too! how have I not seen it for so long??

    lizzie- thanks! glad to know someone else thinks its creepy too ha ha

    jolynn- such a good theme song! I love it too