Wednesday, December 22, 2010

hey, remember me?

(image from my christmas has mumford & sons, ray lamontagne, florence & the machine & much more more! well... 7 more)

Sorry I've been m.i.a.! I've been making tons of gifts/stressin' about Christmas. Here are some things I've made:


-hot chocolate on a stick
-spice cookies
-pumpkin syrup
-recipe cards
-stationery (my mom likes to take photographs, so I used some of those)
-citrus salt (orange zest + lemon zest + kosher salt)
-lavender sugar (dried lavender + sugar)

things I haven't made:
-stockings (this is not going to work out in time, thank goodness I'm a gift bag hoarder and have plenty of those!)
-christmas village (maybe finish this next year?)
-wreaths (next year???)

things I failed at:
-glittering lemon sandwich cookies (the frosting ran EVERYWHERE...they look a mess but taste good)

things still to make/do:
-vanilla bean caramels
-put labels/instructions on gifts
-finish stringing ornaments
-finish air plant ornaments (air plants + a little moss + baby food jar or small jar...can't find the tutorial link... I think its from Better Homes & Gardens?)
-mini books
-eggnog cookies
-gingerbread biscotti
-dog/cat treats
-finish Ryan's gifts

and I'm sure there's more I forgot....wish me luck in finishing this insanity! I'll be back Friday for a holiday themed mixtape masters!*

*also, fellow bloggers, I owe you a zillion comments. will try to catch up soon!


  1. i'm sorry. hold-the-phone. you MADE nutella? you are my hero.

  2. this all sounds so delicious !

  3. lavender sugar! that sounds amazing!

    you are a DIY goddess.

  4. I'm w/ Lizzie. And I also have to say: thanks for including things you failed at. It feels more accessible for people like me! :)