Sunday, December 5, 2010

playing catch up- 3 DIYs!

WARNING: Don't read if you want to know what I'm making you this year...

That being said. I spent all of yesterday making gifts (also, messing one up and re-making said gift). Here is what I made:

peppermint soap* (for everyone's stockings)
  • 2 packages soap, 1 clear & 1 white**
  • 1 loaf pan
  • cooking spray
  • peppermint extract (you can do any scent you want)
  • food coloring (I used red but again any you want)
  • transparent wrap (for wrapping)
melt small pieces of the soap at a time (I melted about fox small pieces at once). spray a loaf pan. if you are making the colored layer, mix in some drops of color and a couple drops of extract. mix & pour into pan. let set 20 minutes. score with a fork to help next layer adhere. alternate colors. wait 4 hours atleast to unmold loaf pan. cut into slices or cubes. I recommend leaving a little clear soap aside, when I unmolded the soap some of the layers didn't adhere so well, so I melted down more clear soap and used it like glue.

car crayons (for my little cousin)
  • boxes of cheap crayons
  • mold (I used a car mold, found out michaels in candy making aisle)
  • glass jars/ tin cans, cleaned
  • cooking spray
  • disposable plate
  • box/tin (for gifting)
take paper off crayons & break into small pieces. put pan of water on stove and simmer cans/jars of crayons until melted. spray molds. pour in colors & let set, atleast 30 minutes (if they do break you can melt them and reset). if you are using the michaels candy molds, put a plate under the molds because the colors will run off. unmold & place in nice tin/box!

peppermint liquor (for my father in law and friends; the liquor are the clear jars, those brown bottles are this)
makes 4 cups, I doubled the recipe (I'm also making this in a couple weeks)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint oil OR 2 teaspoons peppermint extract
  • 3 cups Vodka
  • mason jars (storage), nice bottles (gift, I found some cheap ones at homegoods)
--Make sugar syrup: in small saucepan, combine water and sugar; over medium heat, cook until sugar is dissolved and liquid is clear--approx. 5 min. Let cool completely.
--Into a sterile quart jar with tight fitting lid, pour vodka, sugar syrup, and peppermint oil or extract. Stir well. Store in cool, dark place, allowing it to steep for 2 weeks. Turn jar upside down every 2-3 days to mix, or remove lid and stir. Transfer to smaller sterile bottles, if desired.

* I made one other soap related projects & started a couple more, but I got to spread these DIY posts out :)
** you can also grate any white or clear soap and use this instead


  1. You AMAZE me!! I love the peppermint soap, such a great stocking stuffer! How in the world did you get so creative?!

  2. I love the car crayons. Maybe I'll do something like this for my little 3 year old cousin!

  3. Ugh, all your gift making makes me feel like a slacker! But keep it up with the great ideas. I'll stash them away for next year!

  4. That peppermint soap is ADORABLE. When we were little we made molded crayons and I loved them! And a few years ago I made flavored liquors for gifts which was a lot of fun. :)

  5. I'm stealing (borrowing? imitating?) the car crayon idea for my son's next birthday party. Fantastic!

  6. okay
    these DIY's are all amazing!
    i wish i was getting christmas presents from you.
    goodness lady!!!

  7. lizzie- thank Martha :)

    Ms. Bunny- thanks! let me know how yours come out!

    Heather- I am a nut and store them all year long! I alreayd have a list for next year

    Jolynn- yes! everyone likes the liquors

    sarah- hooray! hope bug likes them

    l&l- ha ha I could send some your way if you'd like!