Monday, May 9, 2011

find me and follow me

So instead of word vomiting all over my blog (I have about 300 unfinished posts full of that), I thought I would write about a music memory. Trust me, its better than those unfinished posts (you'll have to take my word on that).

On my drive home tonight, one of those great moments happened. A streak of good songs. A streak of good songs which ended when I pulled into the parking lot. How awesome is that??? I heard: 'Dog days are over' Florence & the Machine, 'You're all I have' Snow Patrol, 'No you girls' Franz Ferdinand, 'Closer' Nine Inch Nails. Don't judge me. Those are all excellent car songs. I'm sure my fellow commuters love looking at me screaming along the lyrics in my car. If you could bottle the confidence I have singing alone in my car, you'd be rich. And confident! So anyways, Franz Ferdinand always reminds me of living in the city. And my friend Amy who I miss a lot. Most of these FF memories, specifically the song 'Matinee', are of walking to and from work. I lived in Roxbury and I would walk to my job in the Fenway Park area, about 20 minutes or so. I would bring my ipod (the original huge mini fridge one) with me. So picture this: awful dyed red hair, jeans (a smaller jeans size. sigh), some "girls tee" version of a concert shirt (90% chance of it being a Decemberists tee), converse, and my gigantic ipod poking out my backpocket. Oh and I'm singing along. And doing lots of hand motions. I'm big into hand motions when I sing along, meaning I look super cool. In this particular memory, I am wearing my Elvis Costello shirt which was red with a black design that I bought to impress a guy I liked (Ryan). Every time I opened at work, I would pass this older woman walking her pomeranian (who looked just as old as the woman). I remember the first day I didn't see her, I was so sad and nervous one or both of them had passed away. But then there were back the next day. That was about 6 years ago now. I hope they are still out there walking and smiling politely to awkward art school girls who clearly shouldn't dye their own hair.


  1. I sing wildly and way too enthusiastically in the car too!

  2. Thomas was going to (a different) art school around the same time as you, in the same city! AND he lived in Roxbury for a time. Weeeeeeeird.

  3. awww....sounds like a beautiful memory, lisa. i have never gotten into franzy boy, but maybe i should.

  4. The weirdest part of this story is that you were trying to impress me. Have you ever seen me? You worrying about trying to impress me is like President Obama worrying about trying to impress Flavor Flav.

  5. Franz Ferdinand was so hot but for so short a time. I remember thinking when I heard "Matinee" that these guys were going to be HUGE. They're still around and I still dig them, but they never quite took off like I thought they might.

  6. ms. bunny- thats the only way to go! :)

    julie- so crazy!!! where did he go??

    liz- you are very sweet

    lizzie- yes! check them out!

    rjt- ha ha ha. but I love flava flav!!!