Monday, May 30, 2011


(from before we started dating but close enough! God I loved those feather earrings...)

As my husband mentioned today in his facebook status, today is the 6th anniversary of our most awkward date ever: our second date. Before getting together, I knew Ryan from the record store he worked at and through mutual friends. We also hung out, fairly irregularly but we got together when we could. I was in college, he was working full time. I was always excited to hear from him and to go out and by go out it meant either for coffee or concerts. In the days leading up to our first date (in retrospect I don't think I knew it was a date?), we were hanging out more than usual and I confessed to my best friend that I really liked this guy. It felt weird to say outloud. Good but weird (especially since I think she responded 'duh!' or something to that affect. I probably was talking about him more than I thought). One night we drove down to the waterfront and he kissed me (best part: right before it happened I was blabbing about Andrew Lloyd Webber and I think he kissed me because he wanted me to stop. Also because he liked me but still, how smooth am I? So thanks for the hook up ALW. I owe you one). The next day, I remember locking myself in my parents' bathroom and calling my best friend (I lived at my parents in between college and my apartment with Ryan). Our next date, Memorial Day, was spent walking around, going to Dunkin' Donuts and not knowing what to talk about. I think at one point we talked about tattoos. It was awful. I went home panicked it was over.

And that was the last time I ever saw him.

Ha ha. I kid, I kid.

But yikes, I get embarrassed now just thinking of how awkward it was. Did you guys ever have a bad date like this?


  1. I loooooove awkward. It makes it seem so much more real. Our first kiss was beyond awkward. I loved it.

  2. Well at least you had a good third, fourth, and fifth date!

    I've definitely had the awkward, ahh what to talk about now, dates. Of course there are none with the husband now!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. God. Look at those meat mitts of mine. My hands look like they were created by a Playdoh Fun Factory. So gross.

  4. you guys are ADORABLE together. LOVE IT. we had an awkward first date WEEKEND girl. someday i will tell the embarrassing tale.

  5. Awkward awkward? TONS of those dates. Probably the best was the guy who didn't know who Barack Obama was (right before the nomination), insisted that higher education is a waste of time (knowing I have an advanced degree), and suggested I put spinners on my Saturn sedan. Yeah....

    Awkward cute? My (now)husband and I went on our third date: hiking and dinner out. It went SO WELL. Tons to talk about. Same taste in music in the car. Birds were singing and chipmunks were spelling out our names with twigs and stuff. We got back from all that and sat in the car discussing whether we should keep haning out that night -- he said he didn't have any alcohol in his apartment, but that we could go buy some if I wanted. I looked right at him and said "well, if you need some liquid courage to get up the nerve to kiss me...." because at that point HE HADN'T YET. We both chuckled, and I turned to open my car door *right* as he leaned in to finally plant one on me. Awkward cute!

  6. shannon- just checked it out. I love it!

    c+c- yes! ha ha

    rjt- I like your mitts

    lizzie- you better! now I'm curious...

    craftosaurus- ha ha oh lord. those sound awful! well except the spinners, I'm sure those would be awesome ha ha. glad to hear your first date with your husband went well though!

    also, I have tons more embarrassing stories if people are game like the date I went on with a guy where he threw his shoe at someone and yelled 'boobs!' during a movie

  7. Awkward date true story: (FYI this does not involve my husband) I once went on a blind date with a guy with no legs. He'd had them amputated as a child and while it didn't really bother me, he clearly had had some issues overcompensating. He had made quite a bit of money unreal estate investments and turned out to be really showy about it. He was taking me to dinner and a movie. He Puked me up and took me to the nicest restaurant in town and proceeded to be the most giant jerk! He made fun of me to the waitress right in front of me! Halfway through dinner, I made him take me home. He tried to call me a week later, but by that time, I had blocked his number.

    Also, awkward? I went on a date with a man I met on the internet who turned out to be a distant relative.

    I've got a million more.

  8. Oh man I love this so much!

  9. Whoa, just saw the massive number of typos in my comment! I guess thats what I get for commenting by smart phone!

  10. When you start dating anyone, I think the beginning is always a little awkward. You like the other person, but you are trying to figure out just how much. And you are trying to gage how much that other person likes you. And they are doing the same thing.

  11. heather- please post about these! these stories are gold!!

    ms. bunny- you hit the nail on the head. so true

  12. oh lord, YES. my first date with my now husband was - no kidding - the most awkward date i ever had. thirty minutes in i ended up getting a call from my condo assocation that there was a flood in my place and had to rush out on him. bc things were going kind of badly anyway, he thought i was lying! it was terrible. i told my best friend, 'that was the worst date EVER.' six months later, we were engaged!!!

    who knew?!


  13. I think Andrew Lloyd Webber is the kicker here. He must have been a big broadway fan!