Monday, May 16, 2011

dinner + some updates

It's been a while since I've done one of these. Dinner* was very tasty (granted I ate it over polenta so that may be why it tasted so good)

Let me start by saying sorry I have not been updating regularly. (1) blogger was freaking out on Friday, I swear I was going to post a mix! (you'll just have to wait until this week) (2) I was away on a surprise 3 day birthday weekend for my sister-in-law (3) my husband's grandmother passed away and (4) it seems like I either have to work on the shop (by this, I mean sew my brains out) or go online/catch up on blogs or do errands/cook dinner/ clean the house. It's hard to do all of the above after work or on the weekends. How do you guys find a balance? I am struggling with that in my life. I am also struggling with trying to be happy for others and less jealous. It's ongoing. Nothing good comes from this and its wasting/sucking my time and energy away from me.

It's all about little steps.

I just need to convince myself of that!

*dinner adapted from this recipe


  1. That dinner sounds SO GOOD. I'll make it sometime soon!

    I have no balance in my life, either, but mine is more the not-having-a-steady-job-so-I-use-my-free-time poorly type. It's either non-stop busyness, or I just lay around and waste time constantly (when I could be sewing/crafting/gardening/etc)! I too have the jealousy problem. Sorry lady... this totally sucks (except the dinner).

  2. This post is very charming.

    I, too, need help balancing this circus act called life. If you figure it all out, let me know!

  3. I am personally jealous that you are making dinner that does not involve pizza annd unwrapping it and placing it in the oven and contemplating salad and not making said salad. And I have always struggled with jealousy. Always.

  4. its good (is that the word I want to use?) that others struggle with these things too. thanks girls!

  5. YUM!

    I love these posts, much.