Monday, May 23, 2011

my boo

(what I bought at the yard sale this weekend)

Anyone else love Parks & Rec? Anyone else clap and get teary eyed when Ben and Leslie finally kissed? Well anyways I am a super fan. It is definitely my favorite show on tv right now (I also LOVE Bob's Burgers. How awesome is Kristin Schaal? She is always part of the best shows). So anyways, for anyone who doesn't watch it, there was an episode the other week where Tom (Aziz Ansari) was making Jerry, Donna, April and Andy play 'Know Your Boo' (which he admitted was a rip-off of the Newly Wed game. Also, I realize I am going off on a tangent here but has anyone watched the Newlywed Game lately? It's ridiculous! The last time I saw Ryan's grandma before she passed away, the three of us were watching it and she kept asking what they were saying and it was really awkward since they were actually questions like 'Where do you like to do it?' and yes, they said 'do it'). Anyways, Ryan asked me how we would do if we were to play 'Know Your Boo'. I thought we would do pretty well. I feel like I know alot about Ryan, I know what he likes, lots of stories about his life, I think I know what makes him happy and how he would answer game show questions (he would answer them with lots of sass, that's for sure). On Sunday we went to a neighborhood yard sale and Ryan bought a binder a neighborhood boy had designed specifically for the sale. It was called 'Wildlife Explorer by Timothy' and he drew lots of different animals and filled the binder with animal facts. It cost 25 cents. This reminded me of the summer when we first started dating. We got together right around Memorial Day and his birthday is in August. Even though I had known Ryan since high school, I was still nervous about what to get him for the first birthday I was his girlfriend. I did know he liked comic books, especially superman. So I went to a flea market and bought everything superman related they had there. They had records (like books on tape) and figurines etc but his favorite thing I bought him was an activity book that a child had already filled out. It made me so happy that I had made him happy. So when I saw Timothy's book, I kind of already knew Ryan would buy it. He bought it because it is obviously awesome but also to make a little boy's day. Lately, lots of things have been up in the air in our lives but I know my boo. We'll make it through this. Whatever we're doing, wherever we are, we'll be together. I can deal with uncertainty if I have that.


  1. A. This is amazingly sweet!

    B. We would absolutely buy things like this at a yard sale. Chris and Jackson both have a healthy appreciation for stuff like that little boy put together.

    C. We have an entire collection of storybook records that were Chris' when he was a kid and our kiddos absolutely love them.

    D. I LOVE Parks and Rec. I totally cheered and teared up when Ben and Leslie finally kissed! I pray that they don't screw that up!

    I think it's possible that we are more than just musical soulmates ;)

  2. I LOVE THIS. we watched that episode on demand last night and had one of those "how well do you really know me?" kind of moments...and i felt the same, lady. i can deal with anything if i know that i know his heart better than anyone and him mine.

  3. Heather- I think so too :)

    Lizzie- its good to have that right? if nothing else, we got our boys :)

  4. (See? She was right about my sass!)

  5. Can I just pause for a moment to admire your stunning giraffe find? Oh my goodness it's adorable.

  6. I'm just AW-ing here. Love the giraffe, love the neighbor boy comic book.

    Big hug.

  7. That was so sweet of him! You've got yourself a keeper :)

  8. rjt- you're so fresh. also, don't use 'gay' that way, please. you and my sister need to quit it with that.

    ms.bunny- thanks!

    jo- aw thanks! big hug right back!

    iheartkiwi- thanks! I do :)