Tuesday, October 4, 2011

now back to the good part

In lieu of posting about what's going on in my head lately (thoughts of brownies, sleep) I thought I would post a mix of songs on my mind recently and why.

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1. The Heart and the Head- Cats & Dogs
how good is this cd??? answer: super good. buy it, if you like what you hear here. It is my morning jam on the way to work and my mid day jam on the commute back.
2. The Lonely Island- Jack Sparrow
After seeing Jorma Taccone on Up All Night, we made the wise choice to listen to/watch this song on repeat. Love it. The best part is when Andy Samberg says 'what'.
3. Foster the People- Helena Beat
'Pumped Up Kicks' drives me nuts. However, this I like.
4. Sleeper Agent- Get it Daddy
Awful title, great song.
5. Frank Turner- If Ever I Stray
Great commute song. I'm sure other drivers are jealous of the awesome time I am having while singing this.
6. Wilco- I Might
New Wilco cd is very very good. Once, I play The Heart and the Head to death, I'm going to overplay this one.
7. Deer Tick- Miss K
Didn't think I liked Deer Tick? I do like this tune though.
8. Regina Spektor- Eet
I forgot how much I love this song. Ryan and I listened to this cd over and over on the way to a wedding last weekend.


  1. Yay! A new mix! I love your mixes!!

  2. I love Foster the People. These are all awesome. NOW BACK TO THE GOOD PART! THIS IS THE STORY! OF JACK SPARROW! Yay!!!

  3. I love Lonely Islands and Regina and Heart and the Head and and and. You have good taste.