Wednesday, October 19, 2011

day off

(art by the awesome jamie shelman)

So I find myself with an unexpected day off. There is something in my wiring that will not let me just relax and enjoy the day* (aka nap). So here is my to do list:

1- make applesauce! lots and lots of apples leftover from apple picking.
2- make vegetable stock! crappy rainy days are excellent for soups.
3- do lots of laundry/change the bedsheets! warm clean sheets are also excellent on crappy days
4- revamp etsy shop! just created a made to order section. update pictures, etc.
5- sew! either stuff for etsy or baby stuff
6- catch up on my google reader's 'check out later' section! this tag gets used a lot
7- catch up on blogs! again sorry, I'm the worst
8- prep a couple blog posts! so I can post maybe more than once a week?
9- make cookies! no reason needed
10- wear cozy socks/jams/drink cocoa**

wish me luck!

* anyone else like this??
** I wouldn't be surprised if this is all I get done.


  1. #10 is the most important anyway. :)

  2. This whole list seems like awesome times to me! Typically when I can't relax, I end up doing horribly un-fun stuff like scrub tubs and toilets, sort clothes for garage sales and change the cat's litter box. Your day sounds soooo much better!

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