Friday, April 29, 2011

dance, dance mix

Regardless of whether or not you woke up at 4 am to watch the royal wedding ( I did not, I'll do the same thing I do with awards shows, not watch them but check out the dresses online after; I am however wearing my wedding fascinator to work today), it's FRIDAY (!!!), so put on your dancin' shoes.

Have a good weekend all!

I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor- Artic Monkeys
Dance Yourself Clean- LCD Soundsystem
Dustbowl Dance- Mumford & Sons
Dancing Choose- TV on the Radio

Dance Anthem of the 80s- Regina Spektor

Humpty Dance- Digital Underground

Safety Dance- Men Without Hats

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

how to feel better

You know how sometimes you post sad things on blogger cause you're being emotional? 'Cause you're on a new medicine? Or cause you've had a long week? No? Well I know that feeling all too well. Its been a rough (emotionally rough) week or so. My body is still figuring itself out from what happened in February. I almost cried at work the other day when a co-worker yelled at me. I ordered the wrong office supplies. My boss is out and the added stress of that is making a hot mess. There are a couple remedies to situations like this. One: spend a quality night in bed reading with the husband (check!). Two: have french toast for dinner and learn how to use a sewing machine from a dear friend (check!). Three: watch this video:

Oh hells yeah, it's almost Friday, people. We can do this.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(image from ilovepeggy found on dreamcats)

tonight is about a couple things. and it's not about a couple things.

it's not about being stressed.
it's not about crying.
it's not about returning phone calls.
it's not about spending time dwelling on things I cannot fix. or change.
it's not about feeling obliged to sew stuffed animals until I fall asleep.

it is about catching up on reading and spending time with my husband.

catch you guys later.

(as I'm sure you have guessed, all the 'it's not about' are things I almost did/actually did in the daytime)

Friday, April 22, 2011

ghostly mix

Today's mix is inspired by the days I spend/waste watching you tube clips, specifically Sassy Gay Friend. Have you guys ever seen these? They are all from the Second City Network, the comedy place Tiny Fey, Amy Poehler and tons of other people started at. Its all about how historical characters in novels would have survived/done better if they had a sassy gay friend. One of my favorites is the Great Expectations where he says ' I don't set my clocks to remember the terrible night I slept with Jacob Marley!' and then Mrs. Havisham says 'Eww' and he says "Ew is right! A lot of chains, totally he's a ghost!'. Find the clip here.

Happy Weekend all!

Walking with the Ghost- Tegan and Sarah
Grey Ghost- Mike Doughty
Give Up the Ghost- Radiohead
Ghost- Neutral Milk Hotel
Is There a Ghost?- Band of Horses
Not a Robot but a Ghost- Andrew Bird
The Ghost Inside- Broken Bells

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Thursday, April 21, 2011


First off, you guys are ridiculously sweet. Your comments always brighten my day and you left such nice ones for yesterday's fight cloud post. In good news, I took today off to sew my little heart out. The husband and I went out to breakfast this morning and now I am sewing a cat, so far so good for today! I got my most favorite breakfast which is the tuscan benedict (prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato & poached eggs on grilled english muffins with low fat yogurt mustard hollandaise. If anyone comes to visit, I am taking you here to eat). Before I post today's mix, I thought I would share some knowledge with you. Do you have an iphone or does your significant other/any family member/ any friends? If so, you know it is essential for looking up weird things you think about while out to dinner (it is especially helpful if you are eating at Bertuccis and have eaten all the rolls but your food is not there yet and you don't want to ask for more rolls even though you are really hungry, it is an excellent distraction!). Without further ado, here are some things we have learned:

- the difference between moles and voles (moles are meat eaters and voles are vegetarians, moles have larger front claws, etc)
- LFO stands for Lyte Funky Ones ( no that is not a misspelling, yes that is the band that sings summer girls, yes I will save you the time and link to it here)
- where is Ferguson from Clarissa Explains it All today (answer: working in theatre). because I'm sure you are as interested as me, here is a current picture of him:

(image from here)

but this is how I will always choose to remember him...

(image from here)

alright, here's the mix! just a super fun one, full of songs I sing really loud in the car if I hear them on the radio*:

Separate Ways- Journey
Talk Dirty to Me- Poison
Power of Love- Huey Lewis
Sunday Morning- No Doubt
Follow You Down- Gin Blossoms
I Don't Want to Lose Your Love- The Outfield
My Prerogative- Bobby Brown
Total Eclipse of the Heart- Bonnie Tyler

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* If I have ever put these on another mix, I apologize. Also, that is pretty embarrassing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hey hey

So...sorry I have been so mia. I have been a little down in the dumps/pissy/anxious/feeling like punching things/ throwing things out the window. so basically picture one of those 'fighting clouds' from cartoons and basically there you have it.
(I think this for many reasons, like the purple wolf and the cat with a by emilio santoyo)

also, I owe you about a zillion posts on such thrilling topics as:

-my vegetable garden plans for spring/summer
-my mood swings
-funny things I've googled recently
-music 'dealbreakers (aka the music my husband would leave me if I listened to)
-drawings inspired by emails conversations with my best friend (me as a pissy hummingbird! stay tuned for this one!)

So in lieu of blabbing on about a ridiculous day at work and eating a hot fudge sundae for dinner, I thought I would make up for some past missed mixtape masters and do an extra couple mixes today and tomorrow for you, then hopefully get back on schedule. Also, this mix has no name, its just some random songs I like. It's nice to listen to in crummy weather.

Deceptacon- Le Tigre
Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk- New Pornographers
You're No Rock n' Roll Fun- Sleater Kinney
Ready to Start- Arcade Fire
Peach, Plum, Pear- Joanna Newsom
Carnival- Bikini Kill
Cold Cold Water- Mirah

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


(didn't mean to make the model look so somber)

So I went to a drawing marathon day at my work today put on by the art department. It was all the art students and me and my boss. I felt SO rusty. Not THAT long ago, I was doing figure drawing everyday. After some warming up, I finally got into the groove again. I miss this. I miss my hands being covered in graphite and charcoal. I miss intricately designed still lifes* with weird old toys and shoes. Maybe I will try to take a class in the fall. Just like when I recently reconnected with an old friend, I felt like I was missing this and didn't even realize it until I started again.

* is it still lives? I wasn't sure...

Friday, April 8, 2011

tiny bear mix

so glad its Friday! seriously. work has been slightly brutal lately and due to our schedules, my husband and I haven't really seen each other except when one of us is in bed and the other is leaving for work/just coming home. the last couple weekends we have been going on adventures and spending the whole day just hanging out so I can't wait! tomorrow I also going to a drawing marathon at the school I work at. it is 9-9 but I think I will just go for a bit in the morning. I really want to work on something to send in to this site. today's mix is all animals I've made for my shop (sorry, couldn't really think of a not lame theme for this week). happy weekend to all!

Damien Rice- Elephant
Pink Floyd- Sheep
Dire Straits- Lions
The Descendents- I Want to be a Bear
PJ Harvey- Pig Will Not
Florence & the Machine- Rabbit Heart

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


(small elephant)

pluses and minuses of today:

- got lost on the way to work (long story...well not that long, took a different route & got lost)
- my shoe broke and I had to staple it back together (+ resourceful!)
- found out my car needs specialty tires and had to pay for 1 specialty tire to replace my flat front one
- dealt with mechanics and felt like they are trying to trick me and take all my money
- was crabby
- didn't see my husband
- tried to donate to one of those radio charity marathons but the woman on the other end couldn't hear my card # for some reason, gave up (will call tomorrow!)
- made an elephant, it came out kinda lame
- bit my nails
- felt stuffed up, sniffly
-today is only thursday!
+ did some serious problem solving at work/actually felt accomplished today
+ drank a giant fountain diet coke!
+ made a tasty dinner! (peppers, onions, grilled corn, ground turkey, tomatoes & black beans w/ some goya seasoning & cilantro!)
+ got home & found out my husband bought us Tina Fey's book, Bossypants!
+ cut out patterns for chicken & chicks, rhino!
+ saw my favorite 'time to relax' shirt was clean! wore it! (we all have those outfits that when we do laundry it is the first thing we wear...this also goes for underwear, socks, bras and pants)
+ tomorrow is friday!'s your week going?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

oh, hey there!

(My favorite thing about spring: chicks, ducks and bunnies*. I have a bag in my car right now. Oh and chocolate covered peeps! Oh yeah, I like that warm weather and planting thing too)

Oh hey it's me. The girl who used to blog fairly regularly? Yeah her. I have been sewing up a storm (check out the site if you haven't in a while) so blogging/twitter/etc have definitely taken a backseat. Here are some random things that have happened/I've been thinking about, to ease me back into blogging (p.s. this post will be ridiculous and make no sense, you were warned!)

- Sometimes I mishear song lyrics but I like my version better. sorry to everyone I'm friends with on facebook** since I posted about this yesterday. But seriously, sometimes my lyrics are way better. I'm sure a successful, famous band would love if I contacted them about changing their lyrics because I have a better idea.

- My cousin lives in Austin and is just an all around super cool guy. Add in the fact that he works in the music business to his all around coolness. So he was all up in SXSW. He sent me pictures of himself hanging out with Michael Stipe and Hanson (yes, MMMBOP Hanson). How old is too old to be begging my cousin to ask Ben Folds to sign an autograph for me...or you know write a song for me?

- Yesterday I visited my mom. It probably goes without saying but just in case: she still lives in my hometown. I picked up salads for us last night and as I was driving to go pick them up, all I could think about was running into someone from high school. I felt okay, my hair looked decent enough....well fine, it didn't but I could blame that on the humidity right? My outfit wasn't awful, well my pants made my butt look big but...Needless to say, no one was there except the older owner of the pizza place and I don't think he's ever seen me before so he had no comparison to make. I would say 'why did I lose sleep over this??' but I was driving. Can I say 'why did I waste my day dreaming over this?' instead?

- Its funny the little things that can set you off. In a sad direction, not an angry one. A lot of people around me seem to be in a bad mood lately (things are really busy at work, etc) but so far I am trying to stay far from that. The other night I was trying to get comfortable and find a way to sleep (side? back? slightly turned? upside down?) and all of a sudden, I just thought about how over a month ago, I was making sure I slept on my left side. It's funny, I see little kids and want to scoop them up and play with them and they don't make me sad but things like seeing crappy parents on the news and thinking 'how is this fair?' makes me a little teary. Keep in mind, lots of things make me teary (like heroic animals, insurance ads,etc). Also, reveling in how 'things aren't fair' is an awful thing to do. Still working on that one.

Be back soon with posts that make more sense. Or not. One or the other, for sure.

* They made a smart move and got rid of yellow and green. Now it's just pink, purple and blue!
**Kinda can't believe that spell check doesn't recognize facebook if things like LOL are being added to the dictionary