Thursday, October 20, 2011

a baby is my fave

(a picture of a baby who has way more hipster cred than me for sure)

Sometimes the internet can be an awful, soul sucking, terrible place full of people who leave horrid comments on blogs, news articles and opinion pieces.

Other times, it is a wonderful place that makes my heart sing.

Today is one of those days where I think it is totally awesome.

A HUGE congrats to Melanie!* She has been on my mind throughout my whole pregnancy and I could not be happier for a person I only know through the world wide web. I don't know if she even remembers but she responded to a comment I left on one of her babble posts after my miscarriage saying that I was in her thoughts and she hoped this year would have a miracle for both of us. I love that that came true.

I really cannot thank the blogging community enough for their support, good vibes and sweet emails during my highs and lows this year. I am so lucky and so appreciative for you guys. Sorry if I don't say that enough!

And finally, on that note, happy belated birthdays to two very special girls.

* also, I am waaay too pumped to read about all the cool baby stuff she will (hopefully) post about.


  1. HUZZAH!!

    That baby is amazing. It even has a BIRD on its shoulder. It must be from Portland.

  2. You're sweet. So happy miracles happened for the both of us!