Thursday, September 29, 2011


No, not that song* (though I have to admit I love it and rarely change the station when it comes on)

What I've been up to.... since I last updated almost two weeks ago (oops!)

Here goes:

1. I'm cooking again (hip hip hooray!)
(for example: pumpkin banana bread, peanut butter cookies, curried lentil soup, vegetable stock, chicken stock, chicken with chickpeas, tomatoes and paprika, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin puree, etc etc etc.

2. Sewing (I can post these pictures after people get them, they are all gifts. hint: they are mini + some are Halloween related)

3. A bit of a belly**
Typical conversation:
Me: I feel like I am pregnant now
Ryan: you ARE pregnant
...and repeat

4. My skin is clearing up! Thank you burt's bees facial scrub!

5. Next Friday, we can find out if we are having a James or a Margaret (that is if the baby keeps it's legs uncrossed...)

6. Lots of wonderful fall things: scented candles, decaf pumpkin lattes (which seems like an oxymoron? regardless, super psyched they exist), apples that taste good, sweaters, light jackets...

7. I have tried to switch out a lot of products I use for more natural or diy versions. some positives: the other week I made my own detergent. not scary and it smells good! some negative: think I may have to switch back to regular deodorant. I am convinced I smell awful (sorry everyone I have any contact with)

8. Everyone is sick. Please don't get me sick. I am already crazy and nervous enough (also, I ate a cantaloupe like 3 weeks ago and even though my state is not one the recall is in, I freaked the eff out about it)

9. Ryan bought me a pair of Toms shoes. I have been wearing them almost everyday. I love them.

10. I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere of Parks + Rec. Also, I have a good feeling about Up All Night. I need more Will Arnett in my life, I even suffered through 2 viewings of 'Let's Go to Prison' to get my fix.

11. I'm actually dressing up for Halloween this year! I'm thinking this, this or this.

12. Thinking of all of you but some special thoughts for these ladies.

How about you? What's new with you???

* pardon me, while I hyperlink the shit out of this post
** I'll post a pic soon, if you're interested. Last night with wild hair in my pjs was not a good photo opportunity


  1. Up All Night is fantastic.


    i miss you, miss lisa.

  2. YUM YUM YUM. I'm so excited, you're adorable.

    GO as JUNO!!! YES.

    Toms! You're rad.


  3. Dress as Juno. I so would if I was pregnant during Halloween!!

  4. Yay. Love the list. I had my baby on Friday morning. She is perfect. I am betting on a Margaret for you.

  5. Yum, I've got to try some of those recipes and I want to try that detergent too! Parks and Rec was epic as usual and I'm with the rest of them: JUNO! Good luck with your Dr. appointment and I hope your baby cooperates!

  6. WAIT, what???? I totally missed the post where you announced you were preggers! OMG, I'm so happy for you! Congrats! And be Juno. You've got to take advantage of the fact that you have a built-in costume this year. Yay!

  7. That Lichtenstein costume is off the hook as the kids used to say 5 years ago.