Sunday, July 24, 2011


(image from here)

sometimes there is nothing as easy, carefree and rejuvenating as a warm bath.

and yes, I stayed in until my fingers and toes were very very wrinkled.

what is your go-to simple pleasure?


  1. crafts. bubble baths. a new outfit. homemade jam.

  2. :D I love the thought of this!

    My summertime simple pleasure is taking a HUGE cozy bath towel, a low SPF sunscreen that I like the smell of (orange-y or coconut-y), and a music mix that I love. I put on my swimsuit and my headphones, and set my timer and give myself a good dose of vitamin D for 20 minutes a side.

    In the winter, it's a mug of cocoa, but done RIGHT. I use milk, and a huge lovely mug, and a peppermint stick, and sometimes a shot of schnapps or bailey's or kahlua. And always whipped cream.

  3. If you don't stay in until you get all wrinkly, then you're doing it wrong. :)

  4. oh man, i've really been enjoying the simple moments lately too, lisa.

  5. On a good day, going running is like this for me (instead of feeling like torture). I also feel rejuvenated after dancing my tookus off with good friends.

    And ice cream. Can't forget ice cream.

  6. thats hilarious! we do that all the time! especially when we're stressed or just dying for some ME time! lol...

  7. You know to keep the temperature not too hot, right? I worry.

  8. crystal- PERFECT list

    jo- cannot wait for cooler weather + cocoa!

    shannon- agreed

    lizzie- good! they are important :)

    craftosaurus- you are too good! I am so impressed running has the same effect on you that being lazy does for me :)

    all things vintage- :)

    sarah- not too hot! thanks for checking on me :)

  9. I'm an outgoing girl, so (believe it or not) my simple pleasure is going for a hike :)