Monday, July 4, 2011


Today I am twenty eight. I have a pretty good feeling about that. Seems like a great age so far (well, 9 hours in anyways)! I got married at 27, blogged my heart out, started my etsy shop, hung out with good friends, some friends had babies, some friends got engaged, some friends got married and lots of other fun things happened that I'm forgetting. So 28, you have your work cut out for you to top last year, best of luck.

Fun birthday fact: I used to go to parades every year on my birthday when I was younger. Every year I would beg my mom for one of these:

(image from here)

Pardon my language, but these things were the shit. Every single toy vendor at the parades sold them. One year I strayed from my desire for a foam lizard friend and got sparklers. I thought they were some kind of candy. How disappointed I was! I don't think I even knew what sparklers were for years. So anyways, after that snafu, I stuck with lizards. Now my mom's attic is probably filled with them because I was bored with them by the car ride home. But the following year, they would be awesome all over again!

Have a great day today and to my American friends + readers, happy fourth!!

....and to Ms. Bunny: hope yesterday was FABULOUS + happy honeymoon!


  1. Happy birthday you sweetheart!! I love that you were disappointed by sparklers--as a kid, I was totally enthralled by them!

    You're going to *rock* this year.

  2. Happy birthday! I loved my 28th birthday. I just noticed you have 28 followers. That's a sign! :)

  3. Happy, happy birthday! 28 is a great age to be! (But I'm biased for a few more months!)

    Anyway, I'm still obsessed with sparklers.

  4. Yay for Ms. Bunny! I loved those little lizards too, lady! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy belated birthday darling! And thank you for the wishes.

  6. katie- thanks!!!

    jo- thank you so much! I am disappointed by everything that isn't candy :)

    shannon- ha! its true

    heather- thank you! I do like them now :)

    craftosaurus- thank you!!

    lizzie- yes! yay for Ms. Bunny! and thank you! glad you liked the lizards too :)

    Ms. Bunny- congrats!!!! and thank you